12 Wonders Of Christmas Town Busch Gardens!

Busch Gardens Christmas Town

On Friday, December 6th, I took my daughter Taylor down to Tampa to check out the 12 Wonders of Christmas Town Busch Gardens. It was ten times more than what I expected and it gave me that final push I desperately needed to get into my usual overly-intense Christmas spirit.  I couldn’t think of a better way to highlight the wonders of Christmas Town than in a traditional Christmas list. (These numbers are not meant to be accurate, but to showcase the highlights)

Busch Gardens Christmas Town Christmas Lights

12. 12 (million) lights blinking

Okay, maybe not that many, but they do boast having over a million Christmas lights!  Each area is breathtaking.  My favorite?  The Enchanted Flamingo Valley positioned right on your walk into Poinsettia Parkway (or vice versa).  I love the combination of pink and red – so pretty!

Desserts at Busch Gardens, Christmas Town Desserts

11. 11 Treats for Tasting

The treats and goodies they had specifically for this event were both delicious and genius.  You could go traditional in true theme park style with a jumbo turkey leg, or indulge in what you may actually eat for a Christmas breakfast  – Belgian waffles (with toppings!) and hot cocoa.  We chose the latter without any hesitation.20131206_185452

10. 10 Photo Ops

So many different props and live characters to get your photo snapped with!  We loved that the Madagascar penguins were on site.

9. 9 Festive Songs Playing

It was so fun hearing all of the Christmas music and we enjoyed the way it changed with each area you were in.  Hands down, the best was hearing Kermit and Fozzie Bear singing in the kids’ area.

Christmas Town Busch Gardens

8. 8 Slides for Sledding

This number is actually accurate.  This year, Busch Gardens has 8 slides to ride down located in the very popular Snow World.

7. 7 Shops for the Shoppers

There are several shops open that sell great Busch Gardens swag, unique gifts for your loved ones or hand crafted Christmas decorations.  What’s better than that? FREE gift wrapping!

6. 6 Shows Delighting

This number is pretty accurate as well.  The shows this year are so delightful and can really create a huge smile on your face.  Don’t miss the Christmas Time Terrace Light Show – on display every 15 minutes.

Train Ride Busch Gardens Christmas Town

5. 5 Rides Still Running

YES!  There are a handful of rides and rollercoasters that Busch Gardens keeps open during the Christmas Village.  So, if you’re an adrenaline junkie like we are, you’re able to get your fix on the Sheikra, Cheetah Run or Gwazi.

4. 4 Reindeer Games

Well, way more than that!  But there are several game booths in the Christmas Town Village for those that need to test their skills (and win something cute!).

3. 3 Elephants Playing

There are still animals out to see and admire – just be sure you get there early to still see them in the daylight!

Busch Gardens Sing Along Train

2. 2 Trains for Singing

Hop on the Jingle Bell Express and sing along to all of your favorite carols – and even rest your feet for a little while.

unnamed (2)

1. 1 SANTA!!

Yep, he’s there!  In my opinion, taking this trip to the Busch Gardens Christmas Town Village is leaps and bounds a better choice than dragging your kid(s) to the crowded, unforgiving mall.  This way you have so much more to enjoy (12 things at least!) with Santa being the icing on the cake.

The Christmas Town Village is open through Dec. 23rd, 6:00 – 11:00pm.  The times for the various shows are posted throughout the park (along with the ride wait times).  Advance online ticket prices are $40 for adults and $10 for children, but increasing to $50/$10 on Dec. 20th.  If you are already in the park and want to upgrade and stay through the night, the cost is $35/$10.  There are also special prices for passholders, which you can check out on the Busch Gardens website.

Check out 12 Wonders of Christmas Town Busch Gardens by clicking HERE.

Aimee Kear*This review was written by Aimee. She received media tickets to enjoy the event. All opinions are her own.


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    The lights are BEAUTIFUL! What a lovely place to see Christmas decorations. My grandsons would love to get their picture taken with the Madagascar penguins!

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