The 2014 Chevrolet Impala Review!

2014 Chevrolet ImpalaWhen I was a kid my father had a canary yellow 1972 Chevy Impala with a black stripe down the side. I would sit on the white leather bench seat and pretend like I was driving. Even then I knew it was a cool car. Through the years I’ve known many people who have owned an Impala, but I’ve never seen anything quite as nice or luxurious while maintaining its “cool” factor quite like the 2014 Chevrolet Impala.

I arranged to drive the 2014 Chevrolet Impala while on vacation in Florida. Kris and I had planned to see the local Orlando area, but we also wanted to take a ride up the coast to St. Augustine. I was looking for a comfortable car that did well on fuel and had a navigation system as we were strangers to the area. The Chevy Impala did not disappoint. Specs on the Impala are amazing. It gets an estimated 29 MPG on the highway (perfect). There is 18.8 cubic feet of trunk space, making it roomy enough to fit luggage for 2 girls on vacation (nuff said). The Impala is running a 3.6 lt V6 engine that goes 305 horsepower that can go 0-60 MPH in just 6.8 seconds for the people out there in a hurry and want to know how fast this baby can go. The MSRP starts at $26,860, but I won’t lie to you; the model we drove was fully equipped with all the bells and whistles and it can run you around $31,000.

chevy impala 2014

First of all let me say that I have never felt at home in a new car. The seats are huge, heated (not that we needed that too much in Florida during June) which would be great for back home in Chicago during those long winter months. They adjust and memorize 2 different people’s perfect settings. I love it when the car seats rise. Being so short, that can be super helpful when driving. There is also a dual cockpit system that lets both the driver and the passenger stay comfortable in their seats. Perfect seeing as I am always cold and most everyone I drive with isn’t. The seats were all leather and two toned for looks. The back seats were extremely roomy. They could fold down for access to the trunk if you were to haul something over sized. They also had a nice arm rest between the two main back seats that had cup holders so the kids won’t spill all over your beautiful interior. The carpet is thick and luxurious and there are USB ports so everyone can stay plugged in.

Chevy 2014 Impala

The center council has a two chamber box an extra lighter plug and USB ports as well. The top half of the box is well suited to hold your phone while charging and of course everything runs through the Bluetooth enabled operating system. You can answer your phone with the touch of a button. The Chevy Impala also comes with the very latest in technology including the power of Bose sound, SiriusXM Radio and Mobile Apps so that you can check the diagnostics, contact road side assistance through the OnStar Application or simply start the car remotely so you can cool it off when you’re walking through the parking lot at Walt Disney World. The Driver Information Center helps you keep track of the Oil-Life and Tire Pressure so that your Impala is running at its optimum capacity. The Impala is also keyless, so all I no longer have to dig around in my purse to find the keys to start the car, I can push the button.

Chevy Impala Turn by Turn Navigation

The Turn-by-Turn Navigation System was what we really found handy. The winding roads around St. Augustine Beach could be hard to navigate. There were a few times that we left it in the hands of the Impala navigation system to get us where we were going and we were never disappointed. This system even knew the back way through a local residential area to get to our hotel, which really helped us beat the heavy tourist traffic. I was able to put Disney World Magic Kingdom in as a destination because I had no idea what the address was, the car took us right to the parking lot. No problems. The screen was large enough to follow and yet never distracted me from the road. This is an excellent feature. Another excellent feature is the preventative measures Chevrolet has taken toward safety with the Impala. There is a blind side alert system on the side mirrors that tell you if another car is too close for you to change lanes. It also has a forward collision alert system to brake automatically to avoid a front end collision. There are also 10 standard airbags within the interior of the 2014 Chevrolet Impala.

chevy impala back up camera

There is so much I could say about the Chevy Impala. The extra large sun roof was great along the coast line. The navigation system got us where we wanted to go without issue, the gas mileage was terrific. However my two favorite things about the 2014 Chevy Impala are the backup camera and the “Cool” Factor. The backup camera was just about every hesitant driver’s best friend. I was able to navigate through some of the tightest parking lots in the Orlando area with ease. It helped me parallel park, it even helped me back out of an extra tight parking space with a large SUV on both sides of me. This is a feature anyone who likes that extra bit of visibility should have in a car.

When all of the beautiful and convenient features of the Impala aren’t enough, there is the “Cool” factor. Everywhere we went guys would flock to us to check out the car. I was suddenly part of the cool club, hanging out among the car aficionados who thought I was the hippest chick in town. I was stopped in every parking lot by at least one man who wanted to check out my car. Every traffic light there was a man rolling down his window to ask me if this was the new Impala and how awesome it looked. I was the bell of the ball riding around in the Impala and loved every minute of it. All this and the Impala is highest ranked among the highest in J.D. Power Quality Awards. There isn’t enough good to be said about the American made, 2014 Chevy Impala. I loved this car! For more information about the 2014 Chevrolet Impala visit like them on Facebook and follow on Twitter.


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    We absolutely love the new design. Maybe this will be our next car purchase in the future!

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    Nice review I have a 2LT.

    Your way off on your price the one you drove will run you around 40,000.

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