Aldi Has Everything You Need To Make This Christmas Spectacular!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.

Aldi Christmas

Christmas cookies, spiral honey hams, turkeys with stuffing…Oh My! A holiday isn’t the same without all the delicious foods that we have grown to equate with the holidays and Aldi has everything you need to make this Christmas spectacular. Every year since I was a little girl I’ve made Christmas cookies with my Grandmother with recipes that have been passed down for over 100 years. I wouldn’t make those treats with anything other than the best ingredients available and I shop each year at my local Aldi store for everything from eggs and butter to flour and white chocolate chips at half the price you would pay at any other well-known grocery store.

These days feeding a family a special meal on the holidays can be very expensive. Aldi can help you cut costs without compromising the glorious meal you want to put out for those you love most in the world. Aldi has a spiral sliced 1/2 ham this month that is only $1.49 per pound and it will not disappoint.  Combined with the other great buys to complete all the side dishes you are used to making each year, you could easily cut your holiday grocery bill in half just by shopping at Aldi. For dessert, try the Cheesecake sampler at $9.99 it’s an absolute steal.

Maybe this year you are the guest rather than the cook. Aldi has you covered with a vast array of specialty items that make wonderful hostess gifts. With an extensive wine list, Aldi has the perfect addition to accompany any meal. Their assorted cheeses make a wonderful and helpful snack to put out so everyone stays satisfied until dinner and the beautiful fresh poinsettia plants will make a perfect centerpiece on every table.  Aldi also carries toys for those good girls and boys on your list. There is nothing Aldi’s doesn’t have that you may need for a perfect holiday.

Stop by your local Aldi and make sure you pick up the Aldi Happier Holiday Catalog for recipes and tips to help make this Christmas spectacular.

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*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.


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    I’ve never shopped at Aldi before because there isn’t one nearby. Looks like they have lots of great holiday food items to choose from!

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    This post was written by Jackie, but since she is my sister I can comment that our mother shopped there when we were children. I remember it had a frozen yogurt machine and when she took me there (probably Jackie was in school since she is 9 years older than me) I would get ice cream. We didn’t shop there often. But it is a store I’ve known about my whole life. However we only started getting them here in Central Florida recently.


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