Antojitos Authentic Mexican Food At Universal Citywalk

Antojitos Authentic Mexican Food At Universal Citywalk

antojitos authentic mexican food universal citywalk

Have you ever heard a mariachi band play Top 40 hits such as Wrecking Ball and Blurred Lines? Neither had I! However at Antojitos Authentic Mexican Food at Universal City Walk you can be treated to both dinner and a show. Wednesday night myself and a group of select media were invited to see what the restaurant had to offer.

Unique Restaurant Style

Approaching the restaurant’s exterior was my favorite part as it is one of the most colorful and fascinating buildings I’ve come across. Hot pinks, bright blues, vibrant yellow, these are the colors covering the Mexican Church style building. It really grabs your attention and makes you want to check it out. If you choose to sit outside you can dine on the most delicious tortilla chips I’ve seriously ever tried (and ya’ll know how much I love my chips) and enjoy a Mexican Coke or Sprite and maybe an original Fanta. If you enjoy an alcoholic beverage they have many to choose from with unique names such as The Horse You Rode In On or The Handsome George that includes George Clooney’s Casamigo’s Tequilla. I don’t drink but I will say those around me were knocking back one after another so they must taste great.

Antojitos Authentic  Mexican  Downstaris

Once inside Antojitos Authentic Mexican Food I just fell in love with the restaurant as a whole. Downstairs had this kinda bad boy Mexican bar look to it that concentrated heavily on luchador (Mexican wrestlers with the masks). There was graffiti on the walls and ceiling many with luchador. There were even plastic babies lined up along the wall before the bathroom with body art drawn on and luchador masks. By the way, that was both mine and my blogger friend Tracie‘s favorite part of the restaurant interior. There were even fancy cages that looked unassuming but once you thought about it you realized exactly what theme the designers were going for.

Upstairs is no longer the bar scene, now you’ve moved into classier territory, but don’t get comfortable yet. You might see supple looking leather chairs and some wrought iron railings, but on closer look you’ll also notice skulls on the wall! Yes you’ve come far baby, but not too far. However if you are out for a formal dinner the upstairs section offers a special Antojitos Up menu with a higher price point.

Antijitos Authentic Mexican Food

Food Delicious Food

Now let’s talk about the food, the delicious glorious food. Mexican food is probably my biggest weakness so everything in moderation doesn’t work or me. I ate until I had to unbutton my pants in the car and take two Gas-x once I got home. No lie. I tried the Chicken Tinga Tacos which include pineapple and queso fresco and I was basically done for the night. I felt no need to try anything else. But I did, I tried much much else. I went back for thirds on the Carne Asada Brava which was cuts of steak with coffee rub and fire roasted vegetables. The Enchiladas Vegetarianas could probably turn me off of meat, it has lime crema and that gives it a kick of yum. And then there was the table side Guacamole. For $13.95 a Guac station will come to your table and the server will make the Guacamole to your liking right there in front of you.

Antojitos Authentic Mexican Food Desserts

Then of course there were desserts and Mexican restaurants have such great desserts so how do you pick just one? Oh that’s right, you don’t! I ate all. the. desserts. I thought the Churro would be my favorite because they are always my favorite no matter where I go however it wasn’t. The Molten Cajeta de Leche is the dessert of all desserts. Cajeta is a caramelised milk that apparently comes from angel’s bosom. Because that is how amazing it tastes. You know how once in a while I say this will be a craving food? Yep, I will constantly crave this. Good thing I live close.

Antojitos Authentic  Masks

To end the night with a special token there are luchador mask artists that will create a great keepsake for you. They have about 10 pre painted masks to choose from and then if you ask for something extra they can usually do it from there. For example I asked for a spider web to be added to my mask for Spencer. The masks do take some extra time though so be sure to budget that into your schedule.

Antojitos Authentic Mexican Food at Universal Citywalk is delicious and just the right amount of fun. It’s not inexpensive but I never expected it to be. It’s right on par with restaurants like Margaritaville and Hard Rock. They keep you entertained with that fun Mariachi band that plays the Top 40 hits and don’t forget how much there is to see around the building. It’s also one of the first additions in the new Universal Citywalk 2014 expansion. I give this restaurant a 2 thumbs up review because it was delicious and a sight to see. Let me know what you think when you check it out.

This is a sponsored post. I received media event specials however all opinions are my own.


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    The Carne Asada Brava is the stuff of food dreams. As are the desserts. And the guacamole and tortilla chips.

    We need to plan a girls night out soon so we can go back. It was amazing.

  2. 2

    I cannot wait to check this place out! I love Mexican food (a huge weakness of mine) and those drinks sounds FAB. Great photos.

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    Ernesto Osorio says:

    Am from mexico i whent ther because iwas tjingkin it was real mexican food and is not they are just lies the food is good in there oun flaver but it taset nothing like in mexico its just bs to be honesti hope it gets closed

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