Brandcation SeastheDay Royal Caribbean Cruise Conference!

I’m sailing away, set an open course for the virgin sea…Ahhh yes, the sweet song of a cruise vacation. The wind in your hair and the saltwater on your face. The sand in your bathing suit and wait yuck, get that out of there. And ouch when did I get so sunburned I swear I put on enough sunblock! This is basically what happens to me when I visit the beach however on the Brandcation SeastheDay Royal Caribbean Cruise Conference everything will be sunshine and fresh air. That’s because I’ll be enjoying this conference with 39 of my closest friends.

As we pull away from the pier in Ft. Lauderdale on the luxurious Liberty of the Seas you’ll find me waving goodbye to all my troubles. I plan to relax and have a great time with the ladies of Brandfluential; Trisha, Nicole, Lynsey and Kim. They are all such wonderful women who worked very hard to put these trips together and I’ll be sure they kick back. Many of us have already planned to eat at Jade Sushi for some delicious Asian-Fusion cuisine. It is by far one of my top priorities.

One day is our excursion day and I’ve personally chosen to shop in Cozumel and relax at Mr. Sancho’s with a large group of other bloggers. It just seemed like the best choice for me since I am not adventurous. Another smaller group is taking part in an excursion you can sign up for directly through Royal Caribbean called Xplor Adventures where they will be zip lining through the forest, swimming in stalagtite waters, riding in amphibious vehicles and so much else. Terrifying but perfect for a thrill junkie like Trisha from MomDot, the blogger who created the Brandcation experience.

Brandcation SeastheDay Royal Caribbean

This is all happening April 3-7th and I just bought my ticket two days ago. Talk about a last minute trip. But I’m excited and no amount of rushing around could ruin the vacation buzz I’m currently experiencing. I’ll let you know how it goes so keep an eye out. So come sail away, come sail away come sail away with me lads… #SeastheDay on social media accounts.



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    Nice video, thanks for sharing on the web.

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    So excited! Countdown is on! Can’t wait to meet you!

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