Buying A New Or Used Car Because I Had An Accident!

Car Accident

Buying A New Or Used Car Because I Had An Accident!

It happens to the best of us. One minute you are driving following all the rules of the road and the next minute you are literally standing up on your brakes trying to prevent an accident. This was me yesterday while on my way to the most delicious lunch date I’ve had in years (but that is another story entirely).

I was driving down OBT, one of our busier Orlando roads and I WAS EVEN PAYING ATTENTION which is a huge deal for me. I mean I won’t lie, half the time I’m fiddling with the radio and when traffic slows I’ll check my email. Don’t pretend like you don’t do it. This time I was 100% focused on the road. When the man in front of me started to slowly turn right onto a small side street I slowed down as well, but when he dead stopped, my huge van couldn’t do the same and I hit him going like 2 miles an hour. Seriously it was such a small impact it would be considered a fender bender.

However, my car is a 2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette and it is made of pure metal and when I bumped into the gentleman’s plastic bumper my car just shattered all over the place. It was laughable actually. He drove a Mazda Tribute and there was a simple crack in the bumper with three small scratches next to it. We were both absolutely fine and also in a hurry. But we had to laugh over how trashed my car had become. The headlights and blinkers were everywhere, I was pulling pieces of my lights out of the deep holes and tossing them into the grass and the larger pieces with “car” attached to them were put into the car itself. There was metal turned up and mangled. It was a mess.

Since my car is so old and the brand isn’t around anymore parts are hard to find. My body shop explained that the hood, fender, bumper and lights would need to be replaced because it is a 3 part anchor and then everything would need to be painted. Our car is worth about our deductible so we think it might just be time to get a new or used one. It seems every time we turn around we are pouring money into the van.

So tell me your opinions on car buying. Which car brand do you love and trust? Do you have a certain type of car you purchase year after year? Do you swear by used cars or do you live for the new car smell? Let me know!

Lee Allport


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    Daphne Turner says:

    I am grateful that you and the man in the car ahead of you were alright after the bump. But it is so frustrating to have it happen, especially if you’re the person “at fault.” (BTW, why did he dead-stop? Did he acknowledge that he had done that?) Our family vehicles are old (nothing into the 2000s yet) but we will probably go the used car route when we need to replace one of them.

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    Elisa Sznerch says:

    Sounds like if you had “the most delicious lunch” yet then all is okay. haha The way we buy is gently used. Finding a vehicle you really like that is only 1 to 2 years old is pretty easy. Not a lot of miles on them and you still have a good warranty and you avoid the ‘driving off the lot money drop you get from a brand new vehicle’. Good luck!

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