Candlelight Processional At The American Gardens Theatre in Epcot!

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Neil Patrick Harris 1024x768 Candlelight Processional At The American Gardens Theatre in Epcot!

Every year Walt Disney World’s Candlelight Processional at The American Gardens Theatre in Epcot lights up in both sight and sound. This was my first time enjoying this wonderful show. I had no idea what to expect and this living Christmas tree of wonderment was beyond anything I could have expected, especially with Neil Patrick Harris standing at the bottom as the narrator.

The narrator, a different celebrity every few nights of the month, tells the story of Christmas in their own personal style. The night I went Neil Patrick Harris starred and he told the story very seriously, but when the music played he couldn’t help but be bop out a bit. The choir is actually shaped like a Christmas tree which isn’t what I had expected but obviously fits the season perfectly. The orchestra sits right up in front and the entire ensemble play together beautifully.

To minimize your wait time and ensure you a good seat your best bet is to purchase a VIP Candlelight Dinner Package where you will receive a Candlelight seating badge. Your seating badge ensures that you will receive a place to sit during the show, which is a breath of fresh air. Sometimes the lines for shows will get so long they flow into surrounding countries. That sounds funny but since it is Epcot it isn’t so bad, but it is bad enough that you will lose a good portion of your day waiting in line to see the Candlelight Processional.

The dinner package includes a 3 course meal or a full buffet and is paid for at the restaurant. There are numerous restaurants to choose from. This year might already be close to sold out, so this might be something to think about next year. Often times the same celebrities narrate year after year so keep this in mind, reservations can be made 180 days in advance, so when the announcement is made go ahead and make the call. Oh one more thing, after the Candlelight Processional, you get reserved seating for Illuminations as well! So 2 shows and 1 meal for a great price. Keep in mind you still need to purchase your Epcot tickets because park entry is not included.

037 1024x768 Candlelight Processional At The American Gardens Theatre in Epcot!

This is one of the many “can’t miss” Walt Disney World opportunities that I have missed my entire life and want to be sure you don’t as well. I’ll admit I cried a bit during Candlelight Processional. The store of Christmas and the singing touched me. They even ask you to get up and sing along with them for certain songs. So head on out and as we always say, feel the magic of Disney. This time through song.

Visit Epcot Candlelight Processional Dates and Times to see who else will be narrating throughout the month. I know that Trace Adkins and Blair Underwood are set to perform. We’ve already missed the always talented Gary Sinise and Ashley Judd. But like I said above, keep a big mouse ear out for next years announcement.

*I received media tickets. All opinions are my own. You don’t have to give me Disney tickets to make me say Neil Patrick Harris is awesome.



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    What a wonderful show to be able to attend! I’d love to see this some time! I really like Neil Patrick Harris!

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