Netflix: Remember Robin Williams’ Kids Movies!

Robin Williams' Movies

Netflix: Remember Robin Williams’ Kids Movies! #StreamTeam My husband Tim doesn’t get passionate about many things, it’s just not his style. He rarely has a favorite song, a favorite food or even a favorite movie. Everything is “okay” or “fine, yeah it was good”. Which is frustrating for someone like me who is enthusiastic about […]

Marvel Universe Live In Orlando December 5-7th!

Marvel Super Heroes Live

If I were to ask you what Lee’s favorite thing in the world is what would you say? I would certainly hope you’d say anything Marvel Universe! That’s why I am so excited about Marvel Universe Live in Orlando December 5-7th! Captain America and Iron Man are my favorite but Spencer will be looking forward […]

10 Lessons In Movie Theater Etiquette!

movie theater etiquette

This past weekend my husband and I visited our local theater to see Interstellar. It was a completely sold out showing and since we were there early I took the extra time to observe people’s behavior in movie theater settings. I was somewhat appalled. I therefore introduce to you 10 Lessons in Movie Theater Etiquette. 1. Arrive […]

Happy Halloween: The Masque of the Red Death!

Edgar Allan Poe

Why is it when you hear someone say “I’m a fan of Poe.” you immediately roll your eyes? It’s become a cliche. The thing is I really do like Edgar Allan Poe and I’ve enjoyed his poetry and short stories since I was young. My favorite poem is Annabel Lee, I read it in 4th […]

Netflix Presents Tales From the Couch! #StreamTeam

crypt keeper

Netflix Presents Tales From the Couch! Do you remember the Crypt Keeper?  The show Tales from the Crypt used to creep me out.  Now-a-days I am sure it looks silly but when I was much younger, it was scary!  In light of Halloween just around the corner I bring you a Crypt Keeper inspired tale.  My […]

Nicholas Spark’s The Best Of Me Review!

The Best of Me one sheet

Nicholas Spark’s is the man who writes books that make women both love and hate men. His books make women love the idea of a certain type of man and then become disappointed by reality. He is the modern day fairy taler. This time around the movie is Nicholas Spark’s The Best of Me starring […]

Robert Downey Jr. Reddit AMA Tuesday 12:30 PM EST

Robert AMA

Robert Downey Jr. Reddit AMA Tuesday 12:30 PM EST Over the past 6 years you’ve heard me talk a lot about my friend Victoria. Well she has the coolest job ever as the Reddit AMA director of communications. Basically she’s the person who sits in the little glass room with all the big celebrities and […]

Top 5 Horror Movies On Netflix This Halloween!

Odd Thomas

  Halloween is my favorite Holiday and it’s quickly approaching. You’ll see it on the blog and all over my social media channels. I can’t get enough of the scary stuff and that includes horror movies. Here are my favorite Top 5 horror movies on Netflix this Halloween. 5. V/H/S – Okay so this is one of […]

Ian Ziering On Acting, Parenting, and the Pursuit of Happiness!

Ian Ziering Image

Ian Ziering On Acting, Parenting, and the Pursuit of Happiness Most 90s kids probably have fond memories of sitting down to watch Beverly Hills, 90210, maybe alone, maybe with their parents so afterward they could discuss the important issues the episode covered. Either way, the show was a prominent part of the 90s, and Jasmin […]

Disney On Ice Presents Disney Frozen Review!

disney on ice presents disney frozen

Disney On Ice Presents Disney Frozen On Ice A person comes to expect quality shows from Disney and Disney on Ice Presents Frozen does not disappoint. The audience is invited to sing along with their favorite Frozen songs, in which I, and the two little girls with me, was happy to oblige. Can you ever […]

That One Time I Met Will Poulter!


  I meet a lot of celebrities and of course all of them make some sort of impact on me whether it be positive, negative or outright surprising. I try pretty hard not to think of myself as a mom while I’m in Hollywood the same way I try to pretend I’m 4 inches taller […]

RSVP For The Rugby And Reme Twitter Party 9/25!


My girlfriend Kelly is hosting a great Twitter party coming up next week and she asked me to post about it. is clean children’s entertainment. Honestly we don’t have enough of this available. The types of entertainment my own children want to engage in are so far over their age limit their arguments are of […]

The Judge With Robert Downey Jr.

RDJ Judge First Look

The Judge with Robert Downey Jr. Have I ever told you about the time (or times) I thought Robert Downey Jr.’s last name was Jr. I mean I didn’t actually think that, but it just didn’t register with me that if I met him I wouldn’t say “Hello Mr. Downey Jr. and if I met […]

Netflix And The Marvel Series Takeover! #StreamTeam

Netflix Marvel Defenders

  Netflix And The Marvel Series Takeover! Once upon a time, not so long ago, I lived in a place called Clinton, New York. Most of you have probably never heard of it and I understand. But sometimes at night I couldn’t help but glance up to the familiar rooftops wondering if Daredevil might be looking […]

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse With Help From Jennifer Lawrence!

jennifer lawrence diet

I mentioned I was going to be doing the Advocare 24 Day Challenge that my girlfriend Lisa distributes. I ended up postponing it until after my Universal Orlando press trip so I just now finished it up. It was a long 10 days and I’m not going to sugar coat it (I miss sugar). I […]