August Is Happiness Happens Month

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August Is Happiness Happens Month   Did you know that August is Hapinness Happens Month?  If you didn’t then don’t sweat it.  I just found this out too. I love the thought of Happiness Happens.  Day in and day out we look for things that make us happy.  We try to buy it.  We try to […]

K’NEX K-FORCE Build and Blast Building Set Review


K’NEX K-FORCE Build and Blast Building Set Review K’NEX K-Force Build and Blast Sets are the first line of blasters that you build then blast. K’NEX K-Force Build and Blast Sets are fun yet challenging to build and come with everything you need to start testing your accuracy and skill within the hour. Some K’NEX History Founded […]

Upcycled Fashion Ideas From Chic On A Shoestring

Chic on a shoestring budget book, book about upcycling fashion

Upcycled Fashion Ideas From Chic On A Shoestring   Etsy Inspired Designs Already In Your Home I love to create with my hands. Whether it is sewing, gardening or cooking, it is so rewarding to make something beautiful. Because of my busy lifestyle I enjoy the quiet and singularity of it most. I like the […]

Songs You Love, Hate And Just Won’t Go Away!

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Songs You Love, Hate And Just Won’t Go Away! Don’t you just love it when you are out and about and your “Jam” comes on. I mean really, one of those songs that makes you go, “OOOHHHHH, I love this song!” It can be in a store or in the car or anywhere really and […]

When Do You Keep A Sick Child Home From School?

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When Do You Keep A Sick Child Home From School? I feel like time is never on my side.  That if I could somehow just squeeze a few more hours out of my day I could actually get things done.  This whole theory is made more apparent when you have a child home sick. Don’t get […]

Aerin Rose Bra Sized Swimwear

bra sized swimwear, bra size swimwear, bra cup size bathing suits

Aerin Rose Bra Sized Swimwear Summer is here and so is bathing suit season. Every year women run out to the stores trying desperately to find a great fitting suit and often settle for a so-so fit. With Aerin Rose Swimwear bra size swim tops, a great fit is just a swipe of the credit card […]

Sanibel Moorings Beachside Condo Review

Accomodations in Sanibel

Sanibel Moorings Beachside Condo Review! In 1994 I met my husband on the beaches of Sanibel Island. In 2000 we were engaged on the beach by the historic lighthouse. Just recently I had the opportunity to take my family back to where it all began on a wonderful 9 day- 8 night vacation in Sanibel […]

Keep Your Smile White With Colgate Optic White!

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Keep Your Smile White With Colgate Optic White!   Christmas is right around the corner. Stocking stuffers are sometimes the most difficult purchases so make this year’s stocking suffers a breeze with Colgate Optic White. Keep your smile white with Colgate Optic White a great alternative to the harsher whitening products in stores with the […]

Netflix Presents Tales From the Couch! #StreamTeam

crypt keeper

Netflix Presents Tales From the Couch! Do you remember the Crypt Keeper?  The show Tales from the Crypt used to creep me out.  Now-a-days I am sure it looks silly but when I was much younger, it was scary!  In light of Halloween just around the corner I bring you a Crypt Keeper inspired tale.  My […]

My Experience With Evil Underpants!

Under Armour Underwear

I feel like Christmas sneaks up on me every year like a hot fart.  As most of the US prepare for fall us Floridians are still dealing with the oppressive make-up melting heat and humidity till late October. Then we all scream “Oh S%&$” I have to go buy presents for all the ungrateful people […]

Erika And The Persistence Of Memory!

dali melting clocks

Hello readers. Remember me? It’s Erika. Ya know, the one not related to Lee. The dark haired one? The one that knows nothing and cares even less about Hollywood? How about the tall one? The one with 3 kids? Any of this ringing a bell?  Well I am still around. Still living in the same […]

Richard Petty Driving Experience at Walt Disney World Speedway

Richard Petty Driving Expereince 5

If a lifelong memory is what you’d like to create for your child, look no further than a ride-along at Richard Petty Driving Experience. At a cost of just $59-$69, your 6-13 year old who is at least 48 inches high can experience a shotgun ride with a professional driving instructor for 3 heart pounding laps […]

IHU’S Breakaway Falls Opens at SeaWorld’s Aquatica in Orlando, Florida!

Aquatica Ihu Breakaway Falls

One of the most anticipated rides, IHU’s Breakaway Falls, has opened at SeaWorld’s Aquatica. At nearly 80 feet tall, Ihu’s Breakaway Falls is Orlando’s tallest, steepest and only multi-drop tower slide of its kind. Offering four unique slide paths, you’ll step into one of three “breakaway boxes” and watch each other fall one-by-one or test […]

Universal Orlando Resort Mardi Gras Celebration

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Universal Orlando Resort Mardi Gras Celebration Looking for something to do today? Well head on out to Universal Orlando Resort and check out their amazing  Mardi Gras Celebration. This annual event running on select nights from February 8th-June 7th features a phenomenal parade featuring 12 show stopping floats by fabulous Kern Studios and performers, live music performances by some […]

Crossroads at House of Blues Orlando Review And Giveaway!


*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are her own. When I hear someone talk about House of Blues I think about top notch musical acts and a destination night out to a place full of rock’n’roll style and art. I think about legendary musicians gracing the stage to an intimate crowd. What I don’t […]