Lego Ninjago Nindroids 3DS Game Giveaway!

Lego Ninjago 11x14 Villains Hor_FINAL

Are you kids obsessed with anything Lego? Spencer definitely is, actually it seems to rule his life lately. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games are releasing LEGO Ninjago Nindroids – Nintendo 3DS and Playstation Vita on July 29th and it’s sure to be a forever favorite with Lego fans! It is actually based on the Lego [...]

I’m Climbing Aboard The Advocare 24 Day Challenge Train!


If you haven’t heard about Advocare you’ve probably been living bunker style in some cave in the mountains. Or you thought it was some type of new healthcare system rolled out by our Government. But no, it’s a diet program and it’s all the rage. Never have I seen so many people take part in a [...]

Create Your Own Alcohol Ink Coasters!

Adirondack Alcohol Ink

This past week I threw my 34th birthday party and invited nearly 20 of my closest friends. Of course we ate delicious food and the party was BYOB but we were there for crafting. The project at hand was alcohol ink coasters created with ceramic tiles, paintbrushes, felt pads, alcohol, alcohol ink and clear acrylic. [...]

MySentimentExactLee Has Partnered With Alfred Angelo!


Renewing my wedding vows with my husband Tim was something I had been talking about since our 11 person wedding ceremony 10 years ago. I definitely wanted something fancier in the future but I wanted it to fall on a special anniversary and 10 years felt right. This way my sons could be involved and [...]

Then One Time I Had Surgery And An Ear Infection!

Sad Eeyore

  I promise you one thing, this post will be as exhausting as the movie Gravity, so strap in folks. I decided I would tell you about my awful Novasure surgery and the terrible aftermath which led me to actually call my cosmetic surgeon. And let me tell you, it had nothing to do with nose jobs or [...]

See What’s New At SeaWorld This Summer!

Shamu Light up the Night

See What’s New At SeaWorld This Summer! Every summer SeaWorld brings us something new and this year is no different. With the addition of two special shows guests are getting fresh experiences. Generation Nature Live: We all have watched little Bindi Irwin grow up into a teenager and now she’s working hand in hand with [...]

Crown & Caliber Online Watch Consignment!

grumpy watch

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. I live in a Relic and Fossil watch world. Those are my price points when I scurry off to buy Tim a new watch every couple of years for Christmas or a Birthday. Crown & Caliber has introduced me to a new world of watches. [...]

Richard Petty Driving Experience at Walt Disney World Speedway

Richard Petty Driving Expereince 5

If a lifelong memory is what you’d like to create for your child, look no further than a ride-along at Richard Petty Driving Experience. At a cost of just $59-$69, your 6-13 year old who is at least 48 inches high can experience a shotgun ride with a professional driving instructor for 3 heart pounding laps [...]

Project: Netflix Original Series Binge Watching!

House of Cards Season 2

Why are Netflix original series episodes released all at once? If you subscribe to Netflix then you probably find yourself asking this same question, “Why are Netflix Original Series episodes released all at once?”. Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards, Hemlock Grove they all have a premier date but the entire season releases [...]

Body Cleanses Are All The Rage!

Body Cleanses are all the rage. That is a statement very few people could disagree with. Everywhere I go I meet someone who wants to tell me about the cleanse they are currently doing. Whether it’s just a way of eating healthy for a few days or a pill they are taking or a weird [...]

My Six Year Old’s Understanding Of Homosexuality!

Dori and Rachael

My Six Year Old’s Understanding Of Homosexuality! A few days ago my son was working on schoolwork with my mother when the question came up “What is a grown up girl called?”. He considered this for a while and actually answered wrong more than once but finally answered “A Woman.” The following question was far [...]

Car Shopping Is Stressful And Nerve Wracking!

Headquarter Hyundai

Tim and I went car shopping a few weekends in a row this past month. I strongly believe that car shopping and cell phone shopping are great evils in this world because you will be screwed no matter what you choose. There simply is no good deal, if you think you are getting a good deal [...]

How Reconnecting With An Old Flame Led Me Down A Dark Path.

Jeff Blog Post

The reality hit while I was staring at my chewed up nails and running my tongue over the hole I’d worried through my lower lip. I wasn’t proud of my mental breakdown, but not exactly surprised by it either. Over the past few weeks I’d lost a little bit of a lot of things. I’d [...]

Pet Supplies Plus Review And $25 Gift Card Giveaway!

Pet Supplies Plus logo

It’s Pet Appreciation Week so it’s time to show special love and care to those that cuddle us on the couch and really melt our hearts. I am not sure I’ve ever said the words “I had so much fun today at the pet store!” but today at Pet Supplies Plus both Jason and I [...]

Our Skydiving Disaster!

Wendy SkyDiving

Poor Tim, he married into my crazy hot or cold life many moons ago so it’s not like this week was his first rodeo, but the guy can’t catch a break. Thursday was supposed to be a special day for him and it completely fell apart. This is the story of our skydiving disaster. For [...]