Connect With A Movie Like I Did Using Netflix! #StreamTeam

*So before I go on and on below there are SERIOUS THE NOTEBOOK SPOILERS BELOW!!!*

Last night I watched the Nicholas Sparks movie The Notebook. Yes I realize it’s been around for 100 years and I’m only getting to it now, but romances aren’t at the top of my list. However a friend mentioned recently it would be a great one for me to check out so I took her word and she wasn’t wrong.

My mother’s side of the family suffers from dementia which is kind of like alzheimers in that it affects the memory. It is one of the most looming fears of my future because it is inevitable. I know that one day I’ll forget my husband, my children and everything that has made me who I am. All my memories could be gone leaving behind a scared and lonely shell of a person. I’ve watched it happen to my grandmother and my grandfather and it is heartbreaking.

In The Notebook, the main characters Noah and Allie are young and in love and their future seems endless. Everyday they are making memories to hold onto just for themselves or to share with the world around them. They are building on this youth and they aren’t thinking about what could be waiting for them years and years down the road.

During the movie and old man in a nursing home named Duke comes to an old woman’s room each morning to read her a love story from a journal. He tells her about this young couple and all the love they shared. The fights they had, the ways they made up, the obstacles they had to navigate in order to find their happy ending. Their were some hefty obstacles because Nicholas Sparks has a romantic, yet fierce, imagination. And almost each time the old woman, confused as to who this man even is, says the story sounds familiar and wants to hear more and more.

Finally at the end of the movie in one of her fleeting moments of lucidity she understands that all along this was their love story. She was Allie and Duke was her Noah. When he puts the notebook down to hug her the inscription reads:
“The story of our lives
by Allison …
To my love Noah
Read this to me and I’ll come back to you”

I connected with this movie because I know that one day this will be me. I’ll stare into my loved ones eyes and see strangers. So I write. I write on the blog.  When it’s too personal I journal. When I want to share personal memories or feelings with someone I write emails or letters.  I write everything down so that in 35 years I’m not alone. And I hope and pray that someone will sit and read to me the way Noah read to Allie. That someone will have that patience with me that my grandmother gave to my grandfather and my mom gave my grandmother.

If you have a Netflix Streaming subscription you can connect with 100’s of movies just like I did The Notebook. Nicholas Sparks has a movie on Netflix right now called Safe Haven with Josh Duhamel. And what about Love Actually? I know I talk about it too much but it’s so romantic! 13 Going on 30 is another movie a lot of people relate to and if nothing else you just want to watch Mark Ruffalo be adorkable. Unfortunately at this time The Notebook  isn’t being streamed on Netflix but it has been in the past. You’ll have to make due with the other hundreds upon hundreds of other movies available.

*I am part of the Netflix #StreamTeam. All opinions are my own.



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    I just love this movie! Do you find it am inspirational story as it hits you on a personal level? I have no experiences with all that this movie brings to light,however, the film captivated me and I could watch it over and over! I hope the way Allie does remember Noah, gives you new hope for the future!

    • 2

      Yes I do. Like I said above I know that one day I’ll forget everyone around me and I’ll become confused and angry. So I want to take the time now to document everything I can. Then maybe I can remember or at least have some great stories to listen to even if it doesn’t bring back anything.

  2. 3

    It took me awhile to get around to watching this movie, but when I did, I watched via Netflix. Not a favorite movie of mine, but it was still sweet.

    And Netflix rocks. I watch WAAAAAAAAY too many documentaries there on a weekly basis!

    • 4

      OMG my sister and I are documentary fools, but actually I think you knew that. Aren’t you the one that recommended that freaky Tiffany doc to us? OMG that was solid weird.

  3. 5

    One of my favorite movies of ALL time! I love this service. We need to check it out!

  4. 6

    The Notebook is one of my favorite movies of all time. My husband bought it for me as a honeymoon present. (We did the whole 1940s thing for our wedding, so it’s RIGHT up our alley.) Netflix sure has a lot of options for those of us who, ahem, totally love the mushy romance stuff!
    Another on my top list for comedy/romance/classic is streaming now: His Girl Friday. First reason to love: Cary Grant. (No more commentary necessary.) Second: Sorkin and every show/movie to follow saw what choppy/overlapping dialog could do… and how effective it could be. Charming. Funny. Great storyline. Stream it! 😀

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