Dr. H. Bellin Swiss Skin Care Review!

When I was 20 I didn’t think much about what it would be like to be 40 years old. Who does? I’d see the advertisements for skin care and anti aging creams and think “Hummm, really, I don’t think I will care that much”. 10 years later and I was 30, not old by any means, but no longer a fresh faced teenager either. I would deflect the entire situation with humor and say, “I’m fat, I don’t wrinkle, I roll”. That always seems to work. However, now I’m 39 and what I’ve been avoiding for years is starting to creep in on me. Turns out, I care a little more than I thought I would. Not enough to be considering surgery or anything, but enough to go out looking for miracle facial products to help me fight the process of aging. Dr. H. Bellin Swiss Skin Care Products are formulated to help my skin look young for as long as possible.

Dr. H. Bellin All in One Face Cream is silky smooth and spreads out evenly on your face. All the fine little lines around my nose and mouth seemed to disappear. Applied twice a day, this moisturizer really made my face look younger and my skin was supper soft. I did not take away my natural red tone, but combined with my mineral makeup I can honestly say it was a flawless effect.

Dr. H. Bellin All in One Eye Cream is formulated to reduce puffy eyes, lighten dark circles and reduce the lines that grow larger by the day on my face. The All in One Eye Cream did help lighten up the circles and it definitely reduced my puffy eyes. As for reducing the lines around my eyes, I can say it honestly helps minimize them, but I still felt they were noticeable. To be honest, I’ve spent countless hours laughing to perfect those lines, I’m not too sure I want to get rid of them completely. The All in One Eye Cream goes on like silk, does not leave a thick residue like some of the popular eye gels do and you get a lot for your money.

Growing old gracefully is not easy. Dr. H. Bellin Swiss Skin Care can help in the fight. I for one don’t intend on going down easily. To order your own All in One Face Cream and All in One Eye Cream from Dr. H. Bellin visit www.swissskinrepair.com

*This review was written by Jackie “rolling down the river” Pletsch. She received media sample. All opinions are her own.


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    This cream sounds great. I’d try almost anything that isn’t surgery.

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    Good work buddy, I was searching for similar topic since few hours and your contents are really what I was looking for.

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