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First Watch Breakfast RestaurantOpen 7:00 AM – 2:30 PM, that’s the hours you’ll find First Watch restaurant open for business. That’s because First Watch is a breakfast restaurant which also serves brunch and lunch meals that are delicious and many nutritious. A few weeks ago Aimee and I brought some of our friends out to lunch to celebrate Robert’s Birthday. Robert loves to eat and we thought a menu tasting would be a nice treat and we were right, he loved everything. When you sit down at your table you are immediately delivered an entire pot of Sunrise Select Premium Blend Coffee. I’m not much of a coffee drinker myself but Robert and our other friend Kathie both enjoyed a cup.

First Watch has a You First philosophy which I’ve been appreciating for over 10 years. They do whatever it takes to make your visit memorable. They use the finest and freshest ingredients available, local whenever possible, in order to ensure the best quality of food. Their French toast batter is made from scratch, no box mixes allowed! That Sunrise Select coffee I mentioned above is made with the best Panamanian, Mexican and Colombian beans available and if you like it, you can purchase your own bags at the hostess stand. If you have a dietary request like Robert, who won’t eat red meats or our friend Darin who refuses vegetables, just let them know and they can work around anything on their menu to please you. There is always free wi-fi and complimentary newspapers available to keep you company. You’ll never be charged an automatic gratuity no matter the size of your party and so much more that goes into this philosophy.

First Watch Restaurant Images, First Watch Images, Fresh Fruit Crepes

When we sat down they immediately started bringing out food from the First Watch breakfast menu. Delicious English muffins with our choice of spreads were our opening act but were quickly followed up with one of my all time favorite menu choices, the Fresh Fruit Crepes. These crepes are light and fluffy and filled with strawberries and bananas. They are then topped with low fat organic strawberry yogurt and a bit of cinnamon and sugar. You get a side of granola and a muffin of the day as well. The muffin at first seemed odd to me but it actually helps fill you up since the crepes are on The Healthier Side portion of the menu and a bit “light”. They are done so well however not too sweet so you don’t have to walk away feeling the least bit icky afterward.

Breakfast Scramble, First Watch Breakfast Scramble

The Breakfast Scramble was a favorite of both Kathie and Aimee due to its homey feeling and rich taste. Scrambled eggs, spinach, ham and melted Cheddar and Monterey Jack on multigrain toast. Topped with hollandaise and served with fresh fruit is a winning combination. One of the things I really value about First Watch is their ability to pair items so that you don’t miss out on any of the food groups. You can also eat something a bit more hearty but cleanse your palette once you are finished with some blueberries and kiwi!

First Watch Floridian French Toast, Floridian French Toast

Next up was the Floridian French Toast. Talk about a visually appealing meal! The French toast is on sourdough bread with wheat germ and powdered with cinnamon sugar then covered with kiwi, bananas and berries. If you dip this concoction in the warm mixed berry compote it comes with be ready for a flavor explosion! As I type my mouth is watering because it can be that powerful. Therefore you have two ways to go, enjoy the Floridian French Toast on it’s own with the fruit medley or with the side item, you won’t be sorry either way.

First Watch Parma Hash, Parma Hash

If you are like co-writer Aimee and want to get a bit more Country and Hearty with your breakfast food you might enjoy the Parma Hash. Two eggs any style over a hash of fresh seasoned potatoes with Italian sausage, house roasted Crimini mushrooms, onions and melted Parmesan mozzerella and fresh herbs. That’s a mouthful but I promise it’s not too much to chew if you catch my drift. I’m personally not a fan of sausage at all but this was still good and didn’t have an over powering taste to it one bit. It really just came together in a flavorful and filling breakfast casserole type of meal that makes you feel good once you are finished eating. Ours came with a fresh fruit cup and English muffin but I’m not sure if that is standard so please ask your server.

First Watch Bacado Omelet, Bacado, The Bacado

Are you a fan of omelets? One of the most popular omelets at First Watch is the Bacado and I can tell you why! Because it is the most tantalizing, zesty, keep you coming back to order this menu item over and over taste. It’s Bacon, Avocado and Monterey Jack cheese topped with sour cream and salsa, housemade salsa to be exact. I have a thing for Mexican food and although I’m not big on eggs I appreciate that I can come to First Watch Restaurant and settle this craving. The Bacado did not last long on our table, we all took from it and an empty plate was removed quickly. I considered asking them to make another. I think Kathie would have seconded that notion but instead she asked for another omelet instead.

Veggie Grill, First Watch Veggie Grill

Robert politely asked the chef to make him a Veggie Grill sandwich from the First Watch lunch menu. I’m a pretty adventurous eater, avoiding mostly cooked fish and little else, but a sandwich full of vegetables did not appeal to me. Even Aimee who is my most trusted taste tester passed on this one. Darin looked a bit green at the mere thought. Robert however enjoyed his house roasted Crimini mushrooms, zucchini, spinach with basil pesto mayo and melted swiss on Multigrain and simply snubbed his nose at our unhealthy palettes and decided to bring the other half home for his lunch the following day. He said it was a sandwich that made him feel like he was getting a lot for eating healthy and I know what he means by that. He also said he’d order it again.

Quinoa Power Up Bowl, Quinoa Chicken Recipe, First Watch Quinoa Bowl

Finally the staff wanted to introduce us to something new and this was undoubtedly one of my favorite meals of all time. Ladies and Gentleman I introduce you to…wait for it…The Quinoa Power Bowl. Now don’t everyone stand at once and please step back so it can breathe. Let me tell you that Quinoa is one of my favorite foods on earth. It’s inexpensive, plentiful and filling. I do however realize it is an acquired taste. Not quite a rice, not quite a pasta, it is a grain. The Quinoa Power Bowl is Protein-packed grain mixed with kale, shredded carrots and house-roasted tomatoes topped with grilled all-natural lemon chicken breast, basil pesto sauce, feta crumbles and fresh herbs. It has the much needed blandness of Quinoa and chicken with a tangy burst of lemon and basil pesto sauce. Darin really liked this which surprised everyone because he likes nothing that resembles healthy food or different food. It’s just that good.

The greatest thing about First Watch is the ability to choose between something that is going to pack in the calories or something that will be equally as delicious but appear on the Healthier Sides section of the menu. I’ve ordered many things over the years and never had something unpleasant even if maybe something wasn’t what I wanted. It’s really good quality food. You can tell they are cooking it up in the back, not heating it up in the microwave. Check out the menu for yourself, there is even an entire gluten free menu and allergy section which I know is important to so many people. While you are there, be sure to sign up for the Sun eClub newsletter where you can receive First Watch News, exclusive offers and a Buy one Get One Free offer just for signing up.

Lee and Robert

A huge thanks goes out to the wonderful people at First Watch restaurant for helping make Robert’s “old man Birthday” such a huge success. We were grateful for all your hospitality and I’m sure everyone will be visiting you again. Aimee and I have already been back numerous times since February 5th.

Lee Allport

**Our delicious meal was provided by the team at First Watch at no cost to us. All opinions are my own.





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    Aimee K. says:

    You’re right Lee, that breakfast Scramble was my FAVORITE!!! All of it was really good, though, even the warm English muffins.

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    The Floridian French Toast looks amazing! Actually, it all looks amazing. And yummy.

    I’m feeling very hungry now.

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