A Christmas Gift I’ll Always Remember!

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A Christmas Gift I’ll Always Remember

A Gift I'll Always Remember, Free Shipping Coupon CodesI’ve received many gifts over the past 33 years, some better than others. Some of the gifts that stand out the most however were at turning points in my life. For example when my husband and I moved to New York City he purchased the popular Elsa Peretti Open Heart Tiffany pendant for me from Tiffany & Co. to commemorate our special move. However the gift that always stirs in the back of my mind when people talk about their favorite gift ever or gift they’ll always remember is my very first Nintendo.

I was in third grade the year my parents got divorced and of course it was hard on everyone even if I didn’t realize it. I picked up and moved to Florida states and states away from my Father and Jackie in Illinois. At the time I just thought of it as an extended vacation to Disney and a chance to stay with my Grandma and Grandpa for a while. That’s how things are when you are young. I never really understood the impact it probably had on my Dad who went from seeing his little girl every day to suddenly not at all for months at a time. Now that I have children of my own though I get it. I did understand though that he really wanted to make me happy in any way he knew how. At the time I probably took advantage of that kindness not knowing any better, but as mentioned before, as a parent I would do the same thing if in his shoes today. In that situation you go to great lengths to stay relevant in your child’s eyes.


So that Christmas the Nintendo was all the rage. All the cool kid’s had one if you know what I mean. I had to get my hands on one of these gaming systems. Late nights melting my brain trying to defeat Bowser played out in my future right before my eyes. My Mom couldn’t have afforded a $100 gaming system, which was incredibly expensive back in 1988 and my Grandparents never would have approved enough to buy one for me, so my Dad was the best bet. I’m sure I laid it on thick, telling him how I just had to have it and nothing would make me happier. At that point he was probably a goner. Unless Jackie caught wind of it, that chick was my nemesis when it came to parental manipulation, she already knew all the tricks and wasn’t gonna let me get one past her.

The Unveiling

Christmas night came nearer and nearer and some gifts came from Jackie and Dad but no big box was under the tree. I was pretty devastated, I felt it was a huge let down. It was the only gift I really cared about and I wasn’t going to get it. This was not my typical storyline. However on Christmas Eve the doorbell rang and my Mom walked to the door and my Grandma told me to get back because we had no idea who could be coming over so late at night, so while I hid in the shadows a package was delivered. A beautifully wrapped box exactly the size of a Nintendo waited or me under the tree.


Apparently my Dad had either sent the Nintendo Gaming System possibly using free shipping coupon codes, or sent the money to my Mom to purchase it and she then brought it to our neighbor’s house so that I would not know. Then on Christmas Eve they delivered the package and I was allowed to open it one night early. I wish I still had the picture of me with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen spread across my face holding the Nintendo box. The moment held an important place in my heart because it was my first Christmas away from my Dad but he found a way to be with me in spirit. I truly have never forgotten that night.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.


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    I love that it arrived late on Christmas Eve. That is a book-worthy moment right there. Just in time.

  2. 3
    Mark Gosnell says:

    Mighty cool always.

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    nannypanpan says:
  4. 5
    Denise Welch says:

    Nice gift to gave my son

  5. 6
    Amanda Rod says:

    Mine was my cabbage patch doll from the 80’s. My mom stood outside in the freezing cold and was shoved in toys r us at the last minute by two old ladies and they were the last people let in the store. My mom got the last cabbage patch kid…a black one…I didn’t care I was more excited than any kid could have been when I came down in 1983 and I actually had a cabbage patch doll waiting for me!!!!!

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    A real nice story, I can remember my first bike like it was yesterday. Middle of winter wanting to ride so bad. But that Chicago weather i grew up with just wasn’t letting it happen. Still an awesome memory.

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    carla bonesteel says:

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    Megan Cromes says:

    this would be perfect to give to my son for christmas.ty;)

  9. 10
    Jeaneen Richard says:

    I would love this contest…so retro/throw-back!

  10. 11
    Dawn Mason says:

    Please choose me as I have seven people to buy Christmas presents for . Oops my hubby that is eight. Please help me so I can have a giving Christmas and make others have a brighter holiday. I haven’t been able to give people much since my job cut my hours and wage back in 2009!

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    Sweta Sonulkar says:

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