Good Earth Beauty Natural And Organic Beauty Shop Review And Giveaway!

Good Earth BeautyWhen Karen’s daughter Madi was suffering from severe eczema she began searching for better quality natural products. It became obvious quite quickly that it wasn’t an easy task which is one of the reasons she decided to open Good Earth Beauty Natural and Organic Beauty Shop. At Good Earth Beauty you can shop without reading ingredients worrying about what you’ll find. Every product is natural and/or organic and nothing is tested on animals, a practice which Karen is committed to fighting. It’s an online beauty store run by one woman and her two person team who want to help you make healthier choices.

I was given a bucket full of products to check out during Christmas and they were all a treat. Now I’m able to offer up the same 4 products to you as a giveaway. Let’s learn about them below.

flower power mini wipes, good earth beauty products

Natural Products Flower Power Mini Wipes:

These wipes are small but great for refreshing yourself after a long day. One wipe won’t take off all your make up but will give you a nice healthy way to wipe off the yuck. Often after a long day at a press junket where I have to put on a lot of makeup I’ll just feel so gross, even just holding one of these wipes up to my face is helpful.

Natural Products Chocolate Cupcake, Chocolate Cupcake Lotion

Natural Products Chocolate Cupcake Handcream:

I won’t fib, this went straight to my friend daughter Katie as a Christmas gift. She’s 9 and it made her day. It smelled heavenly, exactly like a piece of milk chocolate and the cream was frothy like an actual cupcake with frosting. Not at all heavy. I’ve been told she uses it all the time. After it absorbs into your skin it isn’t overwhelming, you won’t smell like a cake.

Moon Valley Organics Lotion Bar, Lotion Bar

Moon Valley Organics Lotion Bar:

This item is lost on me because it is so amazing at what it does and I simply don’t have many skin issues. Karen, the owner of the store swears by it’s eczema healing abilities. What you do is put it next to your bath or sink and when you are still a bit damp you pick it up and rub it in to your skin. The smell is heavenly, like lemon vanilla. It absolutely softens the skin, I use it on my elbows and hands. However I know it would be better used for someone in a harsh climate that really needs help. I hope someone who wins will be able to get the full benefit from this outstanding product.

Gabriel Organics Products, Good Earth Beauty Gabriel Organics

Gabriel Organics Red Seaweed Purifying Gel:

I love this product. I have really oily skin, I mean we are talking drips down my forehead kind of oily. The Red Seaweed Purifying Gel has aromatic extracts of rosemary and lavender meant to regulate this oil production. It works. I can’t use it everyday, more like once a week but it really does the job. I can tell this is a high quality product.

As I mentioned before, all the products sold on are natural and/or organic so there won’t be any surprises during your shopping experience. Orders under $50 have a $5 shipping fee and over $50 are free. Best part, free samples are included in your order. Don’t you love that? If there is something you know you want to try, ask them and maybe they can get a sample out to you.

Now you can enter to win these fabulous products which are all natural and organic beauty! That’s something to be proud of.

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*I received media sample. All opinions are my own. This contest is open to US residents ages 18+ only. Contest will run until March 29. Winner has 48 hours to claim their prize.


  1. 1

    The Gift Tote for Dogs – Dirty Dog Organics by The Grapeseed Co. is really cute!

  2. 2

    Cleanser – Oil Free Face Polish
    by: Trillium Organics

  3. 3
    Andrea v says:

    Sugar Body Scrub Vanilla Flowerz

  4. 4
    Vicki Wurgler says:

    Good Earth Beauty
    Shampoo Fragrance Free
    by: Jason

  5. 5
    Stephanie w says:

    Sugar scrub look great

  6. 6

    I love the Lip Balm Chocolate Dream

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  7. 7

    I’d love to try the Moisturizer – Vitamin A & Coenzyme Q10 Wrinkle Smoothing Night Cream.
    Thank you!

  8. 8

    Moisturizer 100% Pure Grapeseed Oil

  9. 9
    mrsshukra says:

    The Good Earth Beauty eye cream!

  10. 10
    Linda Kish says:

    I would like to try the Beauty Elixir Facial Serum Skinny Minnie

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  11. 11
    Margot C says:

    Body Scrub Fresh cut Herbs Grapeseed & Sugar
    by: The Grapeseed Company

  12. 12
    Terri C says:

    Body Balm unscented since I’m very sensitive to everything and break out. Sounds like I could use her products :)

  13. 13

    I like the Shampoo Pumpkin Chai Restorative .

  14. 14

    Lip Balm Chocolate Dream

  15. 15
    ginger g. says:

    The vanilla sugar body scrub!

  16. 16
    Allison Downes says:

    I would love to try this item: in the scent of Pink Grapefruit

    Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  17. 17

    100% Pure
    Foundation full coverage – Creme

  18. 18
    Virginia Rowell says:

    I would love the Nail Polish Special Edition Heavy Medal For London 2012 Olympic Inspired Kit.

  19. 19

    Deep Steep’s Bubble Bath Organic Grapefruit Bergamot sounds nice!

  20. 20

    I like the Body Polish Scrub Organic byTrillium Organics

  21. 21
    Angela Reynolds says:

    Moon Valley Organics lotion bar..My daughter has Psoriasis and this may relieve the redness. She is always looking for something new that works.

  22. 22

    lip balm chocolate dream sounds good

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