J.Jill Clothing Review!

I am a plus sized girl; it’s hard to shop for good, quality clothing when you’re not shaped like Anne Hathaway. Real women don’t weigh 12 pounds. We have hips and breasts and those of us who are moms even have, dare I say it, a belly that does not go away no matter how many times we hit the gym. Babies tend to do that to you. I hate the mall because every store I walk into makes me feel badly about myself. So, when I find a good clothing store with items made for real women like me, I become a frequent shopper. J.Jill is that store. I had no idea that this high end clothing store had clothes that fit women like me. Beautiful clothes that make me want to sing! Plus, J.Jill is not only at my local mall, it’s also on line. So if I don’t want to fight the Christmas crowds I can sit at my computer and order all my holiday party wears right from J.Jill clothing.

J.Jill sent me the silk charmeuse shirtdress from their new line. It’s so nice that I plan to wear it for Christmas, I love it. You can dress it up with the perfect accessories, or down with a great pair of thigh boots for any given Wednesday at work. First off, the material for the dress is so soft and beautiful it makes you feel like a princess to wear. I love the garnet coloring (which is more an amethyst color) that has a shimmer to it, absolutely beautiful.  The Baby Doll cut is also nice on all bodies. I can’t wear anything too form fitting or it makes me very uncomfortable.

The sequined long cardigan sweater was the perfect addition to this dress. This piece gives you a soft, comfortable look while still keeping in the festive dressed up style. A fluffy layer of knit with sequins added. This cardigan has an open front that lies below the hips and is made of polyester, acrylic, nylon and mohair. It is dry clean only, so be aware. I got champagne to go over the garnet shirtdress, which was the perfect match. Put together with a pair of spectacular pumps, this is the perfect outfit for the holidays.

J.Jill is a higher end store and as such a little more on the expensive side. That being said all good clothing stores are. $129.00 for the sequin cardigan sweater and a new marked down price of $89.99 for the shirtdress really isn’t bad for a nice outfit. It’s not out of this world crazy pricing, but for the frugal budget, it can be a chunk of change. If you want good quality clothing, you spend a little more, that is the bottom line. J.Jill has stores located throughout the U.S.A. and you can shop on line at www.jjill.com  I suggest you take a look at the winter line. I think a lot of you would really love the beautiful styles that fit all women this Christmas.

*I received media sample. All opinions are my own.

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