kidney stone

The TMI On Kidney Stones

The TMI On Kidney Stones   I'm absolutely putting a ***TMI WARNING*** on this blog post. I'm going to be talking about all things medical and while it will be in my special brand of humor, it'll still be gross. So proceed at your own risk. I have bad luck with health issues. Ask Jackie, if there is some weird thing only 1 person on … [Read More...]


Typhoon Lagoon Is Disney’s Summer Hot Spot!

Typhoon Lagoon Is Disney's Summer Hot Spot!   Typhoon Lagoon has always been my favorite Disney park. The wave pool with 6ft swells will keep me occupied all day long, I don't even need the water slides. But who am I kidding, the water slides are a huge part of the fun. This time around I was treated to a VIP experience which included a … [Read More...]

Perfect Hair

Do I Need A Hair And Makeup Trial?

Do I Need A Hair And Makeup Trial   Last week I had my hair and makeup trial for the vow renewal. Aside from my dress, this is the 2nd most important part of my day. Well, I mean besides Tim of course but that's a given. I love dressing up and I've been away from the red carpet for some time "being a mom" so this will be my first … [Read More...]


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HP Envy Touchsmart Laptop

HP Envy Touchsmart Laptop Jason isn't an outdoorsy kid, he much prefers gaming and by gaming I mean online gaming. I know nothing about servers and mods but Minecraft is Jason's life. On top of that my husband loves World of Warcraft and plays every night after Jason goes to … [Read More...]


ConAgra Educates About Preservatives & Antioxidants In Food

ConAgra Educates About Preservatives & Antioxidants In Food Last week I had a chance to sit down with Conagra Foods, the company behind such favorites as Kid Cuisine and Marie Callenders, to chat about antioxidants and preservatives in their foods. I for one knew just about … [Read More...]

Heroes Bandaids

Band-Aid Brand Stuck On Me Jingle Contest

Band-Aid Brand Stuck On Me Jingle Contest There will never be another Barry Manilow. Especially because he says he wrote the Band-Aid® Brand jingle for $500 in college. And it's still being used to this day. And they are going to keep on using it even if they are looking for a … [Read More...]

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Papa John’s Papa Card Last Minute Gift Win It!

Papa John's Papa Card Last Minute Gift Win It! Stuck on gift ideas? Christmas is nearing quicker and quicker and those palms are starting to sweat. I know mine are because I have no idea what to get my husband and a few other people on my list. Especially smaller gifts and … [Read More...]

Frozen Plasticware

Disney’s Frozen Plastic Mealtime Giveaway!

Disney's Frozen Plastic Mealtime Giveaway!   So many little girls have the word Frozen on their wish list this Christmas and possibly little boys as well! However finding unique gifts becomes trying. There are only so many items of clothing and dolls one child can … [Read More...]

Optic White Regimen image 2

Keep Your Smile White With Colgate Optic White!

Keep Your Smile White With Colgate Optic White!   Christmas is right around the corner. Stocking stuffers are sometimes the most difficult purchases so make this year’s stocking suffers a breeze with Colgate Optic White. Keep your smile white with Colgate Optic … [Read More...]

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Anthony Mackie

That Time I Interviewed Anthony Mackie

That Time I Interviewed Anthony Mackie I've interviewed many celebrities over the past 10 years in one capacity or another. I'd say about 90% of those interviews have gone off without a hitch. 10% of my interviews have stories miles long to tell and I will get to those soon. … [Read More...]

Chris Pratt Christopher's Haven

Chris Pratt Is Taking Hollywood By Storm

Chris Pratt Is Taking Hollywood By Storm There are a surprising number of things to love about The Lego Movie. When you first start it up, you think “this should be a silly and fun way to spend a couple of hours.” But then, within a few minutes you have what might be the … [Read More...]


Something For Everyone With Netflix Original Series!

You can't deny there is something for everything with Netflix Original Series. You can basically drop the expensive cable network you are agonizing over day in and day out. Sure, sure you'd miss some of your favorites but most of them get ruined by spoilers on Facebook anyway and … [Read More...]

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Accomodations in Sanibel

Sanibel Moorings Beachside Condo Review

Sanibel Moorings Beachside Condo Review! In 1994 I met my husband on the beaches of Sanibel Island. In 2000 we were engaged on the beach by the historic lighthouse. Just recently I had the opportunity to take my family back to where it all began on a wonderful 9 day- 8 night … [Read More...]


Zoominations At Lowry Park Zoo Tampa February 28-May 31

Zoominations At Lowry Park Zoo Tampa February 28-May 31 Have you visited the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, FL lately? I was invited out during the Zoo Boo this past Halloween and the kids really enjoyed themselves. They got all dressed up in their Halloween costumes and their were … [Read More...]

danville canoes

5 Reasons To Visit A Bed And Breakfast For Valentine’s Day!

5 Reasons To Visit A Bed And Breakfast For Valentine's Day! That chubby little dude with the bow and arrow is coming faster than you realize and I'm not talking about Jeremy Renner. Cupid, the iconic mascot of Valentine's day, he represents all things love and affection is … [Read More...]

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Dress 2262

Real Women/Real Brides Alfred Angelo Dress 2262!

We're back with our second installment of Real Women/Real Brides where we team up with Alfred Angelo and show off an everyday woman in one of their wedding gowns!  Fashion models are hired to model clothing and have no backstory associated with the piece or situation at hand. … [Read More...]

Vivo Italian Kitchen Collage

Vivo Italian Kitchen At Universal Citywalk Orlando!

One thing I enjoy about visiting Universal Orlando Resort is all the dining options. They have so many restaurants to choose from that aren't all Universal "themed". I visited a great Italian place while I was there last week called Vivo Italian Kitchen at Universal Citywalk. The … [Read More...]


Lithium Cordless Handheld Vacs from BLACK+DECKER Review!

Lithium cordless handheld vacs from Black + Decker All the best parents will tell you that you simply must give your children chores around the house to teach them responsibility. What they don’t tell you is that sometimes the kids make the household chores more difficult … [Read More...]

Watching Netflix

Watch Netflix On Your Tablet Or Other Mobile Device!

"Why are you watching Netflix on your tablet when you are sitting on the couch in front of the television?" This is a question I find myself asking my 6 year old more often than I should bother. His favorite relax time is to pull out his android tablet and watch Disney XD's Lab … [Read More...]


I’m Climbing Aboard The Advocare 24 Day Challenge Train!

If you haven't heard about Advocare you've probably been living bunker style in some cave in the mountains. Or you thought it was some type of new healthcare system rolled out by our Government. But no, it's a diet program and it's all the rage. Never have I seen so many people … [Read More...]


MySentimentExactLee Has Partnered With Alfred Angelo!

Renewing my wedding vows with my husband Tim was something I had been talking about since our 11 person wedding ceremony 10 years ago. I definitely wanted something fancier in the future but I wanted it to fall on a special anniversary and 10 years felt right. This way my sons … [Read More...]