I’m Addicted To Reality TV Wedding Shows!

I can not tell a lie, I am addicted to TLC’s reality tv wedding shows. My mother has been watching these shows long before I decided to renew my vows for the sheer entertainment factor but I’ve never enjoyed reality TV. But recently I’ve become interested in everything dresses and centerpieces and shows like Say Yes To the Dress and Four Weddings are heard throughout my house anytime the kids are not home.

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Four Weddings is a show where four brides (or often they do vow renewals) get to attend each other’s events to judge one another on things like The Dress, Venue, Food and stuff like that. Sometimes it is a beautiful episode where everyone is nice and the winner (who gets a free luxury honeymoon) is happy and they are all happy for her. However in most episodes there is usually one bride who is snarky and kind of rude at each wedding and just knows hers is better and doesn’t want to follow the judging rules. Then when the winner is chosen the looks on the other girl’s face is wicked.

On this hour long show you get to see four weddings and how they are decorated, what food they had, what dress the girl wore so you can do a lot of quick research for your own event. Plus if there is drama it makes it all types of exciting.

Say Yes to the Dress NY, Kleinfeld Bridal, Kleinfeld Bridal Reality Show

Say Yes To the Dress is one of those shows that has numerous spin-offs. So far I still like the original which is held in New York at the famous Kleinfeld Bridal Store. There is also one in Atlanta and at the same store in Atlanta they do a Bridesmaids show.

These shows are based on women who need to find their wedding gown. At the Kleinfeld in NY you get to know the consultants and how they work. They go get their bride and let the bride explain what type of dress they want and possibly if they brought in pictures they’ll pull that dress as well. Then the consultant will pull dresses she thinks the bride will like. This show tends to be a little less drama and just more fun to see the gowns and how the girls might look in those gowns.

However down in “the dungeon” is where alterations take place. Women get mean in that part of the store. They think they get the wrong gown constantly because it has been so long they’ve forgotten what the dress looks like. Or they aren’t happy with something that does look a bit different. It’s just a nightmare. Those scenes are few and far between but delicious when they happen. One time a mother of the bride even punched the head of alterations, a nice old sweet lady!

say yes to the dress atlanta, monte and lori show, the full monte

Moving on down to Georgia is where the action happens. Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta is southern drama at its best. Lot’s of “Virgins brides” and so many Southern moms and grandmas. The moms on this show are simply evil when it comes to seeing their daughters try on dresses. You hear such things as:
“You aren’t a young bride”
“You just aren’t flat right there”
“It makes you look like hooterville”
and the list goes on. I mean they rip their daughters to pieces. Usually they have to bring in “The Full Monte” which is their fashion specialist who is able to work out some of the kinks. My favorite is when he shocks their system. When a mother or grandmother have been so hateful about the dresses he will put the bride in something so terrible that when she walks out in this specific dress they about fall on the ground in horror. Then, after they clean up the tragedy, he brings the bride back out in whichever dress was her favorite. He “jacks her up” which means earrings, necklace and a veil and presents her to the family who usually start crying. Then he announces it was the first or second dress the bride had every tried on. Classic.

The Say Yes To the Dress Bridesmaids show is a total train wreck. Brandon is our favorite consultant because he looks like a cartoon villain(He once wore a full on military coat like Sgt Pepper)and I picture him rubbing his hands together cooking up dastardly plans. Anyway I love him and want to marry him. So he and the other consultants deal with bridesmaid dress drama. You would think that mainly revolves around the dress right? Wrong. There are full on crying episodes where girls have to get into arguments about feelings…
“Why did you choose her as your maid of honor”
“Is making you wear a dress rather than a pantsuit changing your lesbian identity”
“You might have to step down from the wedding party since this dress doesn’t fit you properly”
Women are very mean and it’s up to Brandon, with help from Lori the owner of the store, to reel them in and make the day about the bride.

These are the three wedding reality shows I’m completely addicted to. How about you? Do you have a favorite Say Yes To the Dress or Four Weddings episode?


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    I love these shows too Lee, but I have to say my favorite right now is “I Found the Gown.” I am a lover of sales and bargains and feeling like I got a lot for a little! I live in Pennsylvania but have it in the back of my mind that if I don’t find what I love at a good price at the shops here, I will be planning a road trip up to MA!! I’ve already convinced a friend to go with me if and when the time comes. It drives me INSANE on SYTTD when they brides admit they have no budget – I just cannot relate to that. Of course, the gowns are beautiful and amazing, but I can’t fathom spending the same amount of money or more as I did to buy my new car.

  2. 2
    SepBride15 says:

    I’ve recently started watching I Found the Gown. It’s fun so you should give it a shot. I do like the SYTTD shows though and watch them often, especially when I have other things to do.

  3. 3
    Lorie Shewbridge says:

    I watch all these shows, except Four Weddings. I stopped watching that one because of the snarkiness.
    I have even decided what type of gown I want if Bill and I renew our vows. =)

    I can’t wait to see what you pick out.

  4. 4

    The bridesmaid show makes me scared to choose a MOH. Those girls will rip eachothers faces off. Every episode is a fight over why they weren’t chosen. It’s a train wrech I just cant look away.

  5. 5

    The bridesmaids show is my favorite of the dress shows, I think. Those bridesmaids bring some serious drama with them. I can’t believe I missed the episode of Say Yes To The Dress where the alterations woman got punched, though. That is crazy-town.

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