Things To Know About Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas

Cent, Five Cent, 10 Cent, Dollar, Cent, Five Cent, 10 Cent, Dollar…The song of the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Liberty of the Seas will forever play in my mind. As the third largest ship in the world the Liberty is home to more food and drink than you could even begin to sample, top of the line entertainment and relaxation at its finest. Here are some “good to knows” in case you are considering Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas for your future vacation pleasures.

1. Have Your Passport Handy: Sure, there are ways to get around needing a passport if you are cruising to certain places but lets just be safe and have an updated passport with your current name in hand. This means if you have recently gotten married make sure that change has been made as well. Dealing with Drivers Licenses and and Birth Certificates just gets confusing. Get a passport. It’s money well spent and you’ll be glad you did. Then buy a cool passport holder like I did. Mine’s Marvel Comics, big surprise. Make sure you have it in a handy spot because you’ll need it about 4 times when you are boarding the ship and again getting off and on again in ports.

2. Think Hard About The Beverage Packages: I purchased a beverage package that only included soda. I did not end up drinking enough soda to make it worth my money. So be careful and make sure you do your research on these types of things. Next time I’m going to buy the water package because in that type of heat, water was what I really wanted. And not just little glasses of it, I wanted a big bottle of cold water.

Purell Station, cruise ships and germs

3. They Are Serious About Germs: One thing I loved about Liberty of the Seas was their commitment to cleanliness. Before you walk into any eating establishments you are reminded to use the Purell machines. And the reminder is not really up for discussion. They want to be sure you aren’t going to spread an illness to the entire ship and rightfully so. With news headlines of entire ships being down due to Norovirus these precautions are necessary.

4. You Won’t Be Plugging In At Night: Unfortunately even in our Deluxe Ocean View Stateroom with balcony we had no outlets near our beds at night. We only had two outlets each and they were located in our vanity. This was highly disappointing. I would have liked to plug my computer in and work on my lap.

Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas Cabin Storage Space

5. So Much Storage Space: Our Stateroom Cabin had so much storage space. My roommate and I never had to argue about who would get which drawer or anything like that. The closets are large and there are many shelves inside. There are about 5 drawers on each side of the vanity plus an extra 3 shelves to one side (give or take but you catch my drift). Then there are small shelving for items like makeup along both sides of the mirror. Inside the bathroom there is a spacious counter and another set of shelves inside the mirror. The only time I found space an issue was inside the shower. There are two tiny shelves and because I brought full size bath products I needed more room. Also because I had a loofah with a loop there was nowhere for it to hang.

6. Wifi Was Lofi: We were treated to complimentary Wifi while on Liberty of the Seas. While it worked perfectly on my phone, once I returned to my room it all fell apart. I’d disconnect from my phone in order to log on to my computer and it would connect to the actual internet, however nothing would happen. Web pages would just load and load. It was frustrating. I never did get it to work so I simply didn’t work on the trip. I did everything else through my phone. So just be careful if you absolutely need to get work done like I did. Don’t rely on the ships Wifi.

7. The Best Nights Sleep: The beds on Liberty of the Seas were so comfortable. I was pretty sure they were memory foam so I sent out a simple Tweet to Royal Caribbean and they confirmed that yes, the mattress toppers are memory foam. I’m going to need to invest in this myself because that was the most comfortable nights sleep I’ve had in years. I want to go back immediately.

Sorrentos Pizza, royal caribbean pizza place, liberty of the seas restaurans

8. Not All Restaurants Are Created Equal: Jade, the sushi restaurant you read about on the website…not a restaurant at all. Nope, it’s just a 2ft section of the Windjammer buffet. That was a disappointment. And the sushi wasn’t even fancy. A group of us were very excited to go check out “Jade” one night and enjoy a nice sushi dinner. We were sadly mistaken. I heard others say the same. On the flip side, Sorrento’s Pizza and Cafe Promenade both actual sit down restaurants included in the price of your cruise (unless you get premium items) that are wonderful, tasty and totally wow worthy. You must check them out. Cafe Promenade has delicious deserts 24/7 so when you have a sweet tooth after enjoy the casino or dancing in the club you can enjoy!

Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas Encore Ice Skating Showroyal caribbean liberty of the seas Up In The Air Show

9. The Shows Are All Fantastical: I saw all three of the big Liberty of the Seas shows and they were all worth the time. Encore! the ice-skating show, seen through the eyes of the Phantom of the Opera. A taste of many different Broadway shows. Up In The Air was a gymnastic type aerial act that is in all honesty just incredible but I will admit it’s also kinda funny. It just has some of those moments like SNL sketches that make you look at the person next to you and go “Huh? Did that seriously just happen?” Like when the male singers come out and sing Dust in the Wind in a super stoic manner and everyone around you has to hold back from screaming “You’re My Boy Blue!” Trust me, you’ll understand where I’m coming from if you see the show. It’s odd, but good. Then finally Saturday Night Fever. This was better than half the actual Broadway shows I’ve sat through. So good. If you see only one show this is the one to see. Singing, dancing, acting. It’s a hat trick and they got it on perfectly straight!

Explore the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the SeasLiberty of the Seas H20 Zone

10. Try To Explore: Finally my last recommendation is to try and take a few hours out of your day to really explore each level of the ship. I know there are things I never saw and I wish I would have. You don’t want to find out you missed something you know you would have enjoyed. Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas is the third largest ship in the world and considering cruise ships are like hotels on the water, you know you’ve got some exploring to do. And don’t forget the pool deck, just look at the H20 Zone. Fun times!

*And A Bonus: Dry cleaning and pressing services are not expensive. Or at least not as expensive as you’d think. I brought a gown with me that needed to be dry cleaned and pressed. I figured that it would be less expensive than getting alterations done to another dress I owned. But I still thought it would be about $30 for the one gown. Nope $12.95. I didn’t hesitate to then get a white cardigan cleaned so I could wear it twice on the trip and it was a fraction of that price. I loved this service!

I’ll be back with more Royal Caribbean goodies next week but for now read and re-read what I just put down and hurry up and go book your cruise right now! You’ll be glad you did.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


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    I wish I would not have missed the Air show :(

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    Just found your post while looking for what kind of mattress Liberty if dead had!
    Was on this ship December 2015 and LOVED this ship! The mattress was SO comfy- you were smart to ask!
    I did peek at my bed and looked like older mattress with older eggshell type topper but was so extremely comfy am wondering what kind of mattress they use…soft, medium, hard? Any clue what’s under that memory foam?

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