Season 2 of I’m Having Their Baby Premieres Tonight On Oxygen!

S2 of I’m Having Their Baby premieres tonight at 10/9c on Oxygen!

Season 2 of I’m Having Their Baby premieres tonight on Oxygen at 10/9c and I hope you’ll be watching. Like Season 1, the show will provide an intimate look into the lives of women who have made the choice to place their babies up for adoption once they are born. We will follow them as they prepare for this emotional situation and hold our breath to see if they will follow through.

You can preview Season 2 right here:

In the first season of I’m Having Their Baby, Oxygen approached mothers who had already visited adoption agencies about participating in an episode of the documentary. These women wanted to share their stories openly and honestly. I’m sure this type of open storytelling and raw emotion wouldn’t be for everyone. Season 2 of I’m Having Their Baby will be much the same however Oxygen has promised to delve even deeper into the mothers’ lives to see how this choice is affecting her and those around her.

I give these women huge kudos for being so brave and I’ll definitely be tuning in tonight at 10/9c and for each upcoming episode to meet the new mothers and follow their stories. I’d also like to take this opportunity to announce my winner from last month’s $50 gift card giveaway. That person is Sandy with this comment.

Gosh, this is just so wonderful and brought tears to my eyes. I loved that they loved their baby enough to want her to have a better life and they are involved with the adoptive parents and also Vivienne will grow up knowing she was given up for adoption out of love for her and her biological parents remained a part of her life. I loved that Mercedes is in school and going to finish and have a career and will one day have a family with Mikey. They just all seem so happy which is so great for everyone involved.

Thank you so much for interacting with us and leaving such a great comment. It’s exciting to know that others will be tuning in for the show with me tonight.

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    Sheila Hickmon says:

    Just seeing the video brought tears to my eyes! I’ll have to check it out tonight. I’m guessing it’s on every wednesday?

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