SeaWorld Orlando’s Bands Brew And BBQ 2013 Festival Review!

Sea world, sea world bands brew and bbqSeaWorld Orlando is currently hosting their sizzling Bands, Brew & BBQ festival.  During this festival, they showcase amazing local BBQ restaurants, top notch concerts featuring the best in classic rock and country music and of course, a wide variety of ice cold brews to sample.  The dates for this festival are every Saturday and Sunday, February 9th – March 17th, 2013.  You can find the complete line-up of music artists on Sea World Orlando’s website.  Though the park itself opens at 9 am, SeaWorld Orlando’s Bands Brew And BBQ 2013 festival kicks off at 11:30am with the concert beginning at 4pm.

My 11 year old daughter, Taylor, and I enjoyed this festival on February 9th.  When we first arrived to the park, we enjoyed some of the 195best attractions SeaWorld has to offer.  We attended the Pets Ahoy show, featuring hilariously trained dogs, cats, rats and even one pot-bellied pig.  It was amazing to me how they managed to train cats at all, but they did a fantastic job.  A surprising but awesome fact they shared with us, is that all animals we saw in the show were adopted from local shelters and rescues. 10 gold stars for Sea World!  Other shows we enjoyed were Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island which featured super smart sea lions and one very huge walrus.  The 3rd show, which was later in the evening before the park closed, was Shamu Rocks.  This included lots of lights, rock music and more than enough splashing.  It was beautiful to watch after dark.
Now, to the main reason we (and our taste buds) came to SeaWorld.  I can’t even describe the smell to you – it was mouth watering.   All along the Bayside Pathway, were tents set up by the various vendors selling their best barbecued meats and sides.  Along the water’s edge there were several small brew “houses” where you could get your samples, or if you were decided on the best flavor, a full serving of beer.  There are two ways this can work for you.  Either you pay for your food and brew as you go and get seconds or thirds on your own dollar, or you can purchase the VIP packages ahead of time, also on SeaWorld Orlando’s website.   The Bands, Brew & BBQ VIP Package includes reserved seating for the concert, a meal voucher for a full entrée and regular drink at $39.  The Craft Brew sampler includes 10 beer samples (out of over 25 to choose from) at $21.

Sea world, sea world bands brew and bbq, Sea World BBQ Plate

For the concert, there is no reserved seating unless you have the VIP package or are a Premium Pass Holder for SeaWorld Orlando.  If you do not have one of these, the staff suggests that you arrive 30 minutes early to secure your best seat.  Our concert was with Jerrod Niemann and Chris Young.  My daughter, who does listen to country music, absolutely loved it.  I am not a country music fan, but they but on a very impressive show and I had a blast!

This event is definitely for all ages to enjoy.  The adults as well as the kids were eating their fair share and dancing in the aisles!  I would highly recommend this to anybody with or without a family who is looking to get out and find something genuinely fun and different to do.

*This post was written by Aimee Kear. She received media tickets and food. All opinions are her own.

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