Sharper Image Literati eReader Review!

I’ve been coveting my friends ereader for quite sometime now (I know I know thou shalt not) and when Mom Central offered me a Sharper Image Literati I did a happy dance. The chance to hold hundreds of books all in one place was such a treat for me. I travel for work a lot and I’m a fast reader. I can get through an entire book in an airport and on the flight. Then I am left with no book for an entire trip and flight return home. That is unless I travel with numerous books which can get heavy.

When the Literati arrived I was tickled by the box. It looks like a humongous book. I realized quickly it was a bit too much packaging for the product inside. I removed the Literati and began the charging process. When that was finished I started to play around and purchase books through That is when the trouble began.

First I could not get the Literati to find my home wireless. It seemed all the steps were taken to ensure connection but yet it would not connect. I finally figured that out but then I couldn’t get my books downloaded from Figured that out and then the worst of my issues arose, it just got stuck on a page. It just sat there. Nothing I could do would work. I even tried turning it off. It would not even turn off. I really didn’t want to reset it for fear of losing all my settings but it seemed the only choice. I reset it and luckily it worked and did not take away my books.

The small every day issue that bothers me is that it is hard to turn the pages. The buttons work only a quarter of the time. Also sometimes they seem to just jump ahead numerous pages and then they don’t want to go back. I have to turn it off and give it a break for it to work again. There is also very little battery power. I can fully charge the Literati and it will only last a few hours. For traveling this is not a good feature.

The positive things I can say are limited but I like the font and the brightness of the screen. The Literati is also a color ereader with a 7″ backlit screen which I know some people would really get use out of.

All in all the Sharper Image Literati is great when it works, unfortunately that is only about a quarter of the time.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of The Sharper Image and received a Literati eReader to facilitate my review.”


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    Thanks for the review! I contemplated getting one.. Kinda makes me wonder if you just got a bad eReader. Have you tried contacting them for a replacement or to see if this is the norm?

    I’ll hold off on getting one until you can see if this is the norm or a fluke.

    Thanks for being HONEST!!! :)
    .-= Lisa @ljenator´s last blog ..11-23- Tag Along Tuesday’s Giveaways =-.

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    Wow, so sorry to hear of all the troubles you are having. I haven’t had any problems with mine.

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    Bummer that it’s kind of a lemon. I’d like an ereader… some day. When everyone works out the kinks and they’re cheap :)
    .-= Paula´s last blog ..Veggie Tales Bob &amp Larry Sing the 80s Review &amp Giveaway =-.

  4. 7

    I appreciate an honest review.That way I won’t waste my hard earned money on something I won’t be satisfied with.
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..10 For 10 Auction- RVQ BBQ Grill =-.

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    I’ve been reading e-reader reviews for about a month now, trying to figure out which one I really want to have. Thanks for writing such an honest review, so I can make an informed purchase.
    .-= Virginia from Lady V dZine´s last blog ..Novica Review plus giveaway =-.

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    I have one of these and have not any problems with it yet. I do wish the battery lasted longer, but so far I love it! My husband even has taking a liking to it and downloaded a couple books that he can read with it too!
    .-= Stefani´s last undefined ..Response cached until Sat 27 @ 0:01 GMT (Refreshes in 55 Minutes) =-.

  7. 10

    i just got mine, and i think i should have gone with the nook… it seems to be far better…. and you can purshase books for a lot less..

  8. 11

    Thanks for such an honest review. I Have considered getting a kindle, but then again I am kind of partial to the library :) Plus I figure once I win an iPad I can just read on that! Fingers crossed to win one!
    .-= Not So Average Mama´s last blog ..My First Black Friday- You May be Offended… =-.

  9. 12

    I’ve heard the same things you complained about.

    I have a Kindle and I absolutely LOVE it. Have never had a single issue with it and actually think that the fact that it is NOT backlit is why my eyes never get tired when I’m reading. I would totally recommend a Kindle.

  10. 13

    Yeah I want an ereader for Christmas and this brand is on my DO NOT BUY list for the husband.

    I am fast reader too. I devour books!! I love the fact that many of the classics are free to download on your ereader.
    .-= Stacie @ The Divine Miss Mommy´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Missing Fall with LINKY =-.

  11. 14

    Wow that sounds like a pain. I’ve been considering an e-reader thing because like you I can devour a good book in just about one sitting but I really appreciate the honest review Lee!
    .-= Brandy´s last blog ..Christmas is coming! =-.

  12. 15

    I have trouble with the page buttons not always working too….

  13. 16
    Beth Odham says:

    i just got mine 2 days ago and it was working fine and then i turned it off and plugged it in to charge and now it wont turn on:(im gonna try to take it back tommorow.

  14. 17

    I got a few books ( had trouble at first getting it set up) then I turned it off , took it on a trip, but it never turned on again, also going to take back

  15. 18

    I received a Literati for Christmas. It worked for about a week. The pages are difficult to turn and the battery last about 2 hours. I could never get it to connect to my home wi fi and eventually it would not turn on at all or charage. After much effort I finally got a replacement and it managed to take 1/2 a battery charge and then I could not get it to charge or turn on. I got a Kindle today and it is absolutly fabulous. (I had borrowed a friends before) It isn’t in color or backlit but if that stuff doesn’t work its worthless. I will never reccommend Literati and their customer service is substandard.

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