Jackie’s Turkey Sandwiches Recipe For A Crowd!

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Thanksgiving is fast approaching and of course everyone will have turkey left over. Remember when Ross on the TV show Friends had his sister Monica make him the “Moist Maker” sandwich the day after Thanksgiving? Well Jackie has a similar crowd favorite for your loved ones to enjoy. The turkey sandwiches recipe is below, feel free to play with it and make it work for you. Serve it up with some leftover salad, sweet potatoes and whatever else you can find for a delicious late night or after Black Friday shopping meal.


Jackie’s Turkey Sandwiches for a Crowd


12 lbs. Turkey

2 Tbsp. Salt

1 tsp. Pepper

1 Tbsp. Accent

1 Tbsp. Sage Leaf

1 Bay Leaf

1 Tbsp. Parsley

2 Sticks Celery, Cut

4 Rosemary Leaves

2 Cloves Garlic

1 Onion, Chopped

1/8 Cup Olive Oil

1/8 tsp. Ground Allspice

¼ Cup Butter

3 Slices Bacon

2 Tbsp. Tomato Paste or Ketchup

1 ½ Cups Water

Put all ingredients on top of turkey in a roasting pan. Bake in a 250 to 300 degree oven until tender and falling off of bones. (Note: low oven temp is key to moist turkey & lots of juice for sandwiches). Baste the turkey often. When cooking is done, let cool and remove all of the bones from meat. Strain juice, return the turkey meat to warm juice and serve on bread or rolls. The remaining bones can be used to make soup.

Yum Yum! If you make this please comment and let me know how it turns out. Especially if you change an ingredient, Jackie would especially like to know what you did and how you made it your own.

*Special thanks to the blog http://www.dietsinners.blogspot.com for this awesome picture above which represents a Thanksgiving sandwich better than I ever could.


  1. 1

    I didn’t know that low temp. keeps a turkey moist. I use a cooking bag and it works really well, too.

  2. 2

    Ok, this recipe sounds sooo good! My stomach is growling now!

  3. 3
    alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says:

    these look sooo tasty! i will have to try these

  4. 4
    Betty Baez says:

    This looks and sounds delcious! Definitely saving this recipe to make with the leftover turkey!

  5. 5

    Great post! A good turkey sandwich is probably on my top 10 list of lunches. YUMMY!

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