Typhoon Lagoon Is Disney’s Summer Hot Spot!

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Typhoon Lagoon has always been my favorite Disney park. The wave pool with 6ft swells (waves) will keep my occupied all day long, I don’t even need the water slides. But who am I kidding, the water slides are a huge part of the fun. This time around I was treated to a VIP experience which included a private cabana, tons of delicious food, refillable drink cups and much more. Read on to find out why Typhoon Lagoon is Disney’s summer hot spot!

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Private cabanas otherwise known as Beachcomber Shacks are the way to enjoy your time when visiting Typhoon Lagoon. Not only do you get a covered area with plush chairs, free icy cold water bottles and a place to prop your feet, you also get an assistant for the day. A super friendly Typhoon Lagoon employee will assist you all day with things such as towels and food.

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Did I mention the food? Oh the glorious food that is Typhoons Lagoon’s menu. My favorite item is the nachos with, wait for it, pineapple cream cheese. Never before have I tasted anything so delicious. It’s really a shame that this is one of those craveable items because it sure would be expensive to revisit the park over and over just to get a bite. But don’t put it past me. Of course you have your basics like chicken tenders and pizza which are both really good and stand above most theme park food items. For kids you have little sandwiches made with the Goldfish bread which I found to be undeniably adorable. The mushroom burger is a nice change from the regular menu items and the battered shrimp was absolutely Jackie’s favorite. Chef Corey really puts a lot into making sure the food lives up to the price and isn’t just “theme park food”. He wants your eating experience to be enjoyable and it will be.

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One thing you can do while at Typhoon Lagoon is purchase an all day refillable mug for your favorite soda product. These mugs are $9.99. Not only are they a great souvenir but they really will help keep you hydrated and are worth the money. Throughout the park you’ll find refill stations and there are basic soda choices and extras such as Lemonade and Powerade.

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Of course I have to mention the actual Typhoon Lagoon water park attractions right? I told you already that my favorite attraction was the wave pool and I know I’m not alone. But for the more daring the slides are pretty great as well. The Storm Slides are right up my alley because you don’t have to carry a tube up the stairs. Yeah, I’m a weakling. These are what I call “butt slides”. They don’t have any big drops and they are still tons of fun. Guests can be any height so Spencer my 5 year old was able to enjoy them while wearing the recommended and complimentary life vest. As for tube rides Mayday Falls is the most intense and still for guests of any height. If you want to get “freaky” check out Humunga Kowabunga which has 5ft drops and a height requirement of 48in or taller. For family raft rides you’ll love Gangplank Falls, it only has small drops so everyone can enjoy themselves. It’s still pretty wild but shouldn’t scare anyone too much.

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For a more unique experience there are two attractions you’ll want to check out at Typhoon Lagoon. The first is the Shark Reef. In Shark Reef you don a pair of flippers, a snorkel and some goggles and flip your way through shark infested waters. You’ll see fish, sting rays and of course some sharks. The water is icy cold so be prepared. All of your equipment is provided and sterilized so no need to bring your own. And don’t worry, no attacks reported as of yet. There is also a scuba diving program for an extra charge if you might be interested.

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The second unique experience is a water slide called the Crush ‘N’ Gusher. I stayed away from this thing because I could tell it was far too much for me. It is an actual water coaster. It has the ability to move you uphill on your water raft and shoot you downhill just as quickly. It’s the parks signature attraction. My sister and husband had a blast riding this and wanted to do it over and over. I cowered behind a tree just watching them. You must be 48in or taller to ride. There are numerous ways to ride as well. You can go solo, duo or trio. The description sudden dips and hairpin turns should help you get a picture of what your in for. Enjoy.

Just added to the Typhoon Lagoon experience is Teen Beach Movie: Beach Party. This is perfect for your tweens that love the Disney television shows. Here is the exact description from the website:
Join DJ Rowdy, along with his biker and surfer pals, as they storm the beach throughout the day and make the sand sizzle with hot remixes of classic 60’s tunes. Then, go “surf crazy” with a ton of fun activities any beach babe or bud could dig, including:

Relays on the sand
Hula hoop spinning
Water balloon tossing
Groovy dance contests

It’s the bash of the summer and it all takes place at Typhoon Lagoon water park—only at the Teen Beach Movie: Beach Party!

This is sure to be an experience your tween won’t want to miss.

Walt Disney World’s Typhoon Lagoon is and always will be my favorite Disney theme park. So come on out during your vacation, or anytime if you are local and enjoy the best water park in the Nation with MySentimentExactLee’s stamp of approval!

*I received media tickets. All opinions are my own.


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