Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 23!

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Halloween is my favorite Holiday of the year because it is scary and I love to be scared. Ever since I was a young girl I would stay up late watching shows like The Twilight Zone and Monsters just to get my heart pumping. That feeling of being scared to get out of bed to turn off the light was definitely one I was familiar with, maybe over familiar. When I turned 16 I started visiting Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights and I’ve only missed a few in the past 17 years. The feeling of constant fear from the moment you walk in the door with very little break is like a drug for me and it’s one I can’t resist. This year at Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 23 the theme was also one of my favorite television shows, The Walking Dead. This is absolutely my husband Tim’s favorite show, probably the only one he’ll sit down with me and watch without a fight so he was eager to visit as well. We invited two of our friends, Aimee and Kevin and had a really great couples night sans kids.

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Usually Halloween Horror nights works like this: You walk in to the gate and there are scare zones set up all over the park. Each zone will feature a different type of “Scareactor” such as demented clowns, motorcycle men with chainsaws, vampires and the like. They’ll chase after you, appear next to you and basically torment you as your try and make your way to and from the attractions. It’s. Completely. Awesome. All through the park you can hear teenage girls screaming their heads off in total terror. But this year the entire park was filled with “Walkers” from The Walking Dead. Along with the “Walkers” are props from the actual show. You can see different vehicles with dead bodies, the RV, tents, the barn and more. Keep your eyes peeled or you might just be next!

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Of course the biggest attraction or should I say attractions at Halloween Horror Nights is the Houses. Keep in mind that Universal Studios is in the movie making business, so they have the tools available to make things scary, and they do just that. These houses aren’t for the weak of heart. Here is what Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 23 has to offer this year and my opinion on each house.

The Walking Dead: This is the theme of the park this year and the house was definitely well done. However I think since we encountered walkers all the way through the park the scare factor had worn off. Maybe head to this house first to get the most out of it. There are some very recognizable props and at least one recognizable show character waiting inside so you certainly can’t miss it!

Resident Evil: This is based on the video game, not the movie. This was not one of my favorite houses because I didn’t relate with it but it was still well done. It had neat monsters and you could actually see what was going on unlike a lot of houses. They didn’t pour fog on you or use disco lights to divert attention.

Evil Dead: This house was right on the money if you’ve seen the new movie. All four of us agreed that each and every room re-enacted a scene from the movie so either way it’s a spoiler alert. It was tremendously well done and you get up close and personal with many of the “Scareactors” and at least two times we were scared when we weren’t expecting it. Look up, look down, look all around.

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Cabin In The Woods: Our entire group was looking most forward to this house. We loved the movie. We were hoping for the chance to see the Merman and we were not disappointed. This house could probably win an award with how lifelike it seemed. It mainly deals with the room of boxes and the elevators so keep this in mind. The makeup used on the “Scareactors” in this house must have taken hours.

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An American Werewolf In London: This house wasn’t on the top of our list because honestly this movie is old. But it ended up being all of our favorite! If you’ve seen the movie it will help but if not it’s still a great house. It’s scary but more importantly it’s creative. It’s detailed in ways the other houses aren’t. Put it at the top of your list and if possible watch the movie before you go. It’s another house that lets you see everything so make sure and look around.

The last three houses are the generic non themed houses named Havoc, After Life and La Llorona(pictured below). They were all mediocre, scary but without a theme to help them come to life. The 3D house, After Life was hard on me. I don’t do well with that type of stimulation and neither did Aimee. If really strong lights, three dimensional objects popping out at you and those flashing lights bother you I’d sit this one out.

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At some point in the night be sure to take a break and watch Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure. Although I admit it was funnier when I was young, it’s still pretty funny now. Bill and Ted from the movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure play host to a cast of unfortunate characters. We’re talking flops from the past year such as Taylor Swift’s romantic life, Miley Cyrus doing the VMAs, Sharknado and so on. You’ll laugh till you cry and it hurts. When it’s over, and this is always the best part, you’ll rock out to the Pop hits of the year in a crazy dance number that would put Glee to shame!

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My best tip would be get there on time because the walk from the parking lot is lengthy. If you can, purchase an Express Pass. Without this there is a good chance you won’t be able to see all the houses and shows. Bring your courage if you want to get out alive!

Haunted houses are a great date night because they include a lot of intimacy. I love haunted houses but trust me when I say I don’t want to be in front or in back. I want Tim in front of me so I can bury my head in his shirt if necessary and Aimee agreed with that sentiment. It’s also not the same old dinner and movie that you are used to. This is a memorable experience you can talk about for a long time and look forward to reliving every year. If you live through this one that is. The event runs select nights through November 2nd so don’t miss out. Click http://www.halloweenhorrornights.com for more information.

*I received media tickets. All opinions are my own.


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