Universal Pictures About Time Movie Review!

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For a second there, I thought that I had traveled back in time and was reliving the same instance again… the moment I saw Rachel McAdams in “that time travel movie.” Didn’t she already do that? Talk about déjà vu! I went to the pre-screening of Universal Pictures About Time mainly to catch up with a good friend, so if Rachel did a repeat performance, then I would have at least had a nice time despite it. Little did I expect to have this movie leap into the list of one of my Top Ten All-Time Favorites. Ever.

The premise is that lanky red-headed Tim (Harry Potter veteran Domnhall Gleeson), and all the men in his family, have a unique gift. They can travel back in time, but never more than their own lifespan.

Not one to try for more than what each of us desires, Tim wants to find love, more specifically a girlfriend. Of course, as one would expect in a Richard Curtis film, boy must meet girl (after a misstep at first) and they must fall in love despite any obstacles (in this case Tim’s big-hearted desire to fix a few hiccups in his friends’ lives).

Mary, an American with “rad” retro styling and a vintage store under her flat to boot (Rachel McAdams), is the girl of his dreams. Their meeting in a “Noir” club, where you’re in total darkness, cements the idea that they really should get together, not based on outward appearances and physical attraction, but because they “connect.”

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Sure enough, they do get together, and if that were the end of the story, I would have been disappointed. But it’s more than that. The themes that made it altogether lovely, for me, were:

The beauty in the relationship between father and son.

The idea that the “odd, imperfect” sister has faults, but is purely, totally loved by her family.

The deliciously decadent idea of using time travel so one would have more time to read.

The not-so-subtle reminder that life’s pretty much “all how you look at it. ”

If we had the power to go back in time to change our life, would we spend that energy to do so? Or would we spend the energy instead on the “front end” and appreciate it as it happens.

The cynic will not enjoy this movie. They will see nothing but syrupy sentimentality. I personally think there’s enough in this world that is bitter and cold and am grateful for a moment of joy (and even joy in sorrow) that About Time exudes.

My favorite films are those that not only entertain me, but spur me on to do better, to be better. If I could travel back in time I’d sing to my son “his” song as I held him in my arms, or be kissed by my husband between two P-51s on our step-back-in-time-themed wedding day.

Oh. And I’d read.

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*This review was written by the always amazing Kelly Green of the blog http://www.seaworldmommy.com.


  1. 1
    Danielle F. says:

    This is definitely not my type of movie – I don’t really like chic flicks (romantic comedies or even sappy love stories) but it’s nice that you enjoyed it. :)

  2. 2
    kathy pease says:

    This sounds like a great movie..I love Rachel Mcadams she was so great in the notebook which is one of my all time favorites. Another good movie with her is The family stone,I loved that movie also and it is a great watch for the holidays and it also stars diane keaton another of my favorite actresses :)

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