Walt Disney World and Pixar’s Brave Movie Review!

Think back hard to your first true love. Who was the first person who held you and made you feel safe? Can you remember the bond you shared and how you knew deep inside it could never be broken? I remember this person well, because she’s my Mom.

Disney and Pixar’s Brave is definitely a love story, but not one with a Prince and a Princess. Instead it’s a love story between a Mother and a Daughter. And it’s certainly not traditional, not in any sense of the word.

Like any other young Lady, Merida, Princess of Scotland Kingdom DunBroch, thinks all her Mother does is nag. She isn’t ready to settle down and be betrothed. She simply wants to ride her horse and shoot arrows from her bow while her red curly hair flows in the wind. Well maybe not quite that, but she certainly doesn’t have much interest in becoming a Queen. Her freedom is her utmost priority.

Meanwhile her Mother and Father are inviting suitors to the Kingdom to claim her hand. The Princes must be the first born of their Kingdoms in order to marry Merida. They’ll compete in traditional Highland Games for her hand. Merida suddenly takes interest and decides archery would be a great game of choice. The reason for this is she plans to shoot for her own hand. In doing this she humiliates her family and angers the other Kingdoms.

Merida and the Queen have a huge fight and Merida runs away. In the woods Merida finds a witch and asks her for a spell to “change her mother”. What she wants is for her mother to decide Merida doesn’t need to get married. Little does she realize that what she’ll do is change her mother into a bear, a physical change. Also, if certain words and actions aren’t completed by a certain date, her mother will be a bear forever.

Merida and the Queen spend a lot of time together while her Mom is a bear hiding out in the woods and they really begin to bond and get to know one another. However her Mom also begins to become more and more like a bear on the inside every day. Will Merida be able to reverse the spell in time? Will she have to marry a man she doesn’t even know and give up the life she loves and the self she has worked so hard to build? And how far would you go to protect the ones you love the most, your family?

You can find out how far Merida and her family will go this Friday the 22nd in theaters around America!

**This movie is rated PG and is not appropriate for children who are sensitive. There are some very scary scenes.**
*I received media tickets in order to provide review.

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