Wear Me Out Active Lifestyle Clothing Line Review

wear me out active lifestyle clothingPutting on workout clothes that you can’t wear on the go is a thing of the past. Crossover workout clothing is a must for any woman with a busy schedule. Wear Me Out active lifestyle clothing line, has designed their clothing to meet the needs of today’s active woman. Their styles are designed to be easily mixed and matched for a smooth transition from the gym to on the go.

I practically live in workout apparel. I put it on first thing in the morning and many days don’t change out of it until I take my nightly shower and get in my pj’s. Having workout apparel that I can transition between activities such as yoga, weightlifting, cardio combat and HIIT training is a must for me. They also need to be ready to go hit the grocery store or a lunch date with a friend with zero effort.

A few weeks back I received apparel from Wear Me Out to check out against my active lifestyle. Their clothing is designed by people who live and breathe fitness such as trainers, kickboxing instructors, yogis, and martial artists. I received from Wear Me Out the Rolldown Cinch Back Capri in black, the Keyhole Back Athletic Top in Sodalite (Cobalt) and the A-line Hoodie Throwover in Sodalite (cobalt). I received the Rolldown pants and athletic top in size M/L and the Throwover in a size M. I did not see anywhere on their website for size comparisons so I will just tell you what I wear for you to compare against so keep this a secret. I wear a size Small or Medium shirt and a 6-8 bottom depending upon the day or the store I bought them from if that helps.

Starting with the pants…. When I first saw the Rolldown Cinch Back Capri’s I thought they would be way too small and there was no way they would fit me but I was wrong. They stretched when I put them on and were very flattering. The cinch back is a fabulous detail that really pretties up your behind. (heeheehee) I liked the rolldown top a lot. It added little to no bulk in the bottoms which I often see when friends wear bottom styles like this. I am very particular to how capris fit at the bottom. I found these pants to be extremely comfortable, breathable and hit and the perfect point on the lower leg. The Rolldown Cinch Back Capris retail for $49.99.

The Keyhole Back Athletic Top is by far the most fantastic athletic top I have ever owned for 1 reason. I did not have to wear a sports bra. Ok, wearmeoutclothing (2)that’s a lie because there are a million other reasons why this top is amazing. I do some very intense workouts that include plyometric HIIT training as well as I do martial arts (usually in my uniform but I did try it out in this top) and there was zero movement on the boobages. The color of the top is just astoundingly beautiful and the fit is amazing. The keyhole back is very feminine and a beautiful touch. The top fits very snug which I like but it does make it a bit difficult to take off. I would highly recommend this top and suggest buying it in more than one color because it will become your go to workout top. This top honestly makes you feel beautiful because it is so figure flattering and the color saturation of the Sodalite color is intensely stunning that you may just wear it to wear it. The Keyhole Back Athletic Top retails for $39.99.

Last but not least is the A-line Hoodie Throwover that retails for $48.99. The top is made of an ultra-soft French terry comprised of 65% rayon, 28% cotton and 7% polyester. The Wear Me Out website says it is one of the softest fabrics around and I have to 100% agree. It is like butter against your skin. The silhouette of the top is feminine and figure flattering. It is a great addition to your gym bag or even just to throw on for something comfywear me out clothing, keyhole back workout clothing to wear out and about.

I think it is pretty obvious to say that Wear Me Out is an amazing company and I am 100% satisfied with everything that I have received from them. I would definitely order from them for future athletic apparel purchases and recommend them to anyone looking for some serious performance wear. You can purchase Wear Me Out apparel through their website or at their store in Valencia, California.

If you want to keep up to date with what is going on with Wear Me Out then check out via Facebook.  I really hope to work with Wear Me Out again really soon so be sure to like their page and let them know you heard about them from Erika over at My Sentiment ExactLee.

*I received media sample. All opinions are my own.


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    Great-fitting active lifestyle clothes is a must – agreed with you!
    These outfits look superb and probably feel the same. I just see it by the fit of the fabric.


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