The It Works Ultimate Body Applicator Review!

It Works Body Wrap

Have you heard of the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator?  I am sure you heard about that crazy wrap thing? Well I did and it was definitely an interesting experience. It Works!® is the creator of The Ultimate Body Applicator. It is sometimes referred to as the “skinny wrap” and is said that the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator will tighten, tone and firm in as little as 45 minutes. I tried it and here is what I thought.

Ok, wait. Before I give you any opinions I will give you the facts. The Ultimate Body Applicator is sold in thru independent consultants. I worked with Tricia Dandeneau who is also a fitness instructor. It comes as a 4 pack and the box says it is a body contouring cream infused cloth. The cloth is very large and can cover your entire abdomen or can be cut in half and used for your legs, upper arms or any are for that matter that you would like to see firming, tightening and toning.

It Works Wrap Picture

You apply the wrap by first washing and drying the area that you are planning to use the Ultimate Body Applicator on. You apply the applicator lotion side down and smooth it out. To secure the wrap use plastic wrap or form fitting clothing such as shareware. The first application should only be used for 45 minutes so you can test your skin’s sensitivity to the applicator and the natural ingredients. When you remove the applicator, rub any leftover lotion into your skin. After the first application, you can wear it for much longer, overnight even. The Ultimate Body Applicator is said to work for up to 2 ½ hours. It will take up to 72 hours (3 days) to see the results of the Ultimate Body Wrap Applicator. You apply a wrap every 72 hours until you have finished the 4 wrap application package.

The ingredients in the Ultimate Body Applicator are said to promote lipolysis. This means “fat breaking”. The plant extracts and botanicals penetrate into the fat cell and break down large fat molecules into small ones which are not allowed to leave the body. For this reason it is very important to stay very well hydrate while you are wrapping. It is suggested you drink 1-3 bottles of water while the wrap is in place. The ingredients in the Ultimate Body Applicator also release toxins from the fat cell which also cause’s shrinking. Additionally the ingredients improve micro circulation on the area that it was applied, which created skin tightening, firming and toning.

My opinion:

Tricia, the independent consultant for It Works, came to my house and helped me apply the first Ultimate Body Applicator. She showed me how to properly open the wrap, and that you should rub it together to distribute the lotion on the applicator evenly before you put it on. She used plastic wrap to cover the wrap on my abdomen. Tricia also shared her story about how she got involved with the It Works Wrap as well as lots of information, tips and ideas. One of the things she stressed is that The Ultimate Applicator is not a weight loss tool. It is a tightener and a toner. She also told me that she does not know exactly how it works but that it just does hence the name of the company “It Works”. She said the results can last around 3 months and then it would be time to wrap again.

It Works Body Wrap with Saran Wrap

I wore my first wrap for 45 minutes. I noticed that afterward I actually felt bloated. We did both pictures and measurements and afterward my measurement was more. She said that it does happen to some people and they tend to see the best results in the end. I applied the wraps every 72 hours taking measurements before, after and 72 hours later. I consistently had higher measurements directly afterward but 72 hours later a decrease from the original measurement before starting that wrap. For example: 34 before, 35 after and 33 ½ 72 hours later.

After the initial wrap, I wore the Ultimate Body Applicator much longer than the 45 minutes. I did not use plastic wrap as I found it was annoying. It would bunch up when I would sit down causing the wrap to bunch up. I also hated the sound it made when I was moving around. I much preferred using a body shaper that came up high on the abdomen. One thing I did notice was that after about an hour and a half my stomach would get upset. It wasn’t bad but just weird and in a way I had never felt before. For me that showed that the ingredients were indeed absorbing into my system and at work. I do have sensitive skin but did not have any reaction to the wrap which was a big thumbs up for me. I have used many products in the past that have caused me to itch and this product did not. I also did not mind the light scent that the applicator had. It was sort of Eucalyptus like.

One thing that was odd was that the wraps should be basically dry when you are done. I always had a lot of ingredients left over on the wrap even though I wore it for a prolonged period of time. I do wonder if I would have had better results if the wrap was dry as Tricia said it would be.

As far as results, I do feel like I did see some tightening and toning. I noticed it mostly by looking at how my abdomen looks around my belly button. Unfortunately because I have such a large amount of stretch marks from having pre-eclampsia with my first pregnancy, my result were not as great as others would have and did not make the best pictures. My upper abdomen did have measurable results though and I saw an almost 2 inch loss. Since my before and after’s are hard to see the results in, Tricia did share some before and after pics with me of some of her clients that I think really show a better comparison.

ultimate body applicator picture 1              ultimate body applicator picture 2

Would I do it again?  Yes. I feel like the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator would be a great addition to an exercise and health eating regimen. I think the use would be best done before a big event so you can be your best at that event such as a cruise or beach vacation. I would actually be interested in seeing how it works on the inner thigh as that is also a trouble spot of mine.

The It Works Ultimate Body Applicator 4 pack retails for $99. You can however join their loyal customer program and purchase it for just $59. This is an auto ship and points earning program with no minimum purchase. After your 3rd auto ship you also get free shipping. If you would like to learn more about the It Works Ultimate Body Wrap as well as their other products contact Independent Consultant Tricia Dandeneau at or go to her website at

*This is a sponsored post. I received my wraps complimentary in order to produce this post. All opinions however are my own.


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    I wish the second picture was less fuzzy. I am so tempted to try this out. Do they make them for the butt area? LOL. That is my problem area!!! I love your honest review, it is very helpful!

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      You can apply the product anywhere on your body. It is very large. You can cut it in half and apply it to 2 different areas such as your saddle bags. I actually even reused the wrap because I found when I took it off there was still product on it so I put it in a plastic bag and used it another time. That is why in the picture above the wrap looks wrinkly. It is a reused wrap. The company does not endorse that but someone who has done the wraps before told me you could do it. I hope that this helps!!!

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    My name is Junar Tan from Singapore.
    I would like to buying a few ultimate body applicator at your web store. I hope you can accept credit card for this transaction and ship to Singapore country.

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    Junar Tan

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