Zya A Free Music App for iPhone and iPad Fun!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Zya Collage 1024x1024 Zya A Free Music App for iPhone and iPad Fun!

So last night I headed over to my friend Jen’s house to try out a new app called Zya a free music App for iPhone and iPad. Word on the street was you needed to sing when you used this app and although I think I’m a regular Olivia Newton John others have said I sound more like a cat in heat. Whether or not I could sing wasn’t the point, the point was to download the app, get acquainted with it and have fun. If nothing else we got an A+ for effort!

Before we begin let me tell you that Zya has a long tutorial and to get the most out of the app you need to pay attention. The tutorial is fun though, so no need to be bored. I found Zya to be incredibly interactive to the point where I could be left alone for many hours with nothing but this app and entertain myself the entire time finding new ways to play at each turn. There also doesn’t seem to be any wrong way to play.

First you choose a song, for example I chose Paparazzi by Lady Gaga.

Then you choose your band. I got a little confused on whether you can choose anyone they offer or if you are supposed to choose the Paparazzi band members only. Each character has a name and a song underneath the name, but I felt that if they only wanted you to choose that band member they wouldn’t give you a choice at all.

Third we’d sing our lines. Now it doesn’t tell you what to sing which is slightly confusing but I decided to turn slightly confusing into tons of fun. For Paparazzi I just sang “I’m your biggest fan I’ll follow you until you love me, Papa Paparazzi”. It sounded awful, I mean so bad and I choked on the line at the end and Jen laughed and it picked that up. For the chorus we sang “Snap Snap Yeah” or something along those lines. See the fourth step for what we did with the chorus vocals.

The fourth part is to either choose some beats that you “lay down” with your own fingers or turn your chorus vocals into beats. I chose to turn my vocals into keyboard instrumentals. Oh yeah, this song was hot. icon wink Zya A Free Music App for iPhone and iPad Fun!

Finally your song is complete. This cute little doggy mixes it all up and plays it out. The singers lips will not match your lyrics on your first try but keep playing. There are plenty of uplevel features you can “purchase” on the app and coins you earn to unlock different instruments and abilities. Seriously Zya is so interactive that once you start you won’t be able to stop. Just so you are aware, when you share your song to Zya’s YouTube channel it won’t show the actual video, just a picture and you’ll hear the song. On your App you’ll see the video which is far more fun.

For our encore Jen and I came up with our own song we have named Calling All Bloggers. It is awful and you are welcome. For this song we changed our chorus to keyboard instrumentals once again. There are just so many to choose from it’s addictive.

You can find Zya on iTunes by clicking HERE.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Vocals as well. Some are Jen’s with http://www.myboysandtheirtoys.com Special thanks to her too.


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    Ohhh yea, we Rock!!

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    I promise that I did not laugh through the entire 1 minute and 3 seconds. :) Seriously though, it sounds like a fun app. I bet my kids would get a kick out of it.

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